Greg Secker on Life, Investing, and Giving Back

British entrepreneur and philanthropist Greg Secker recently sat down with Inspirey to discuss the demands of family life, how to make time to be a successful investor, and continuing to answer the call to charity at the request of those in need.

Greg Secker started his career in finance by working for Thomas Cook Financial. The experience earned there, and increased name recognition within the industry, Secker found himself in the US,serving as Mellon Financial Corporation’s Vice President.

Having done well working for several of the world’s biggest banks and corporations, Secker was ready to go it alone. He started investing time and capital into his own ventures. Perhaps most successful of these new companies has been Virtual Trading Desk, an investment platform that makes Forex trading accessible to the average person without needing the assistance of a broker.

Though Virtual Trading Desk has taken off and become widely popular with investors, Secker was quick to point out that the success of this trading platform was made possible through the support of family, friends, and trusted business partners. This was a reliable source of ideas Secker was able to capitalize on, like the numerous speaking tours that have increased his name recognition to those outside the formal financial community.

The real connection of communal support and sound business sense can be found in Knowledge of Action. This philanthropic venture is Secker’s way of reaching out to disadvantaged communities and help families find a second chance at life. Working with those most in need of his help has reminded Secker that there is much of value to be found in taking a course of action when the outcome isn’t always known.

About Greg Secker:

Greg Secker is an entrepreneur from Norfolk, England. Having started his career with Thomas Cook Financial, Secker would go on to create Virtual Training Desk, an online-based trading platform. With a passion for trading and instruction, Secker started the Learn to Trade speaking tours, a series of seminars and workshops designed to introduce large audiences to the basics of stocks and currency markets.

With a passion for helping others, Secker has been part of several charitable organizations such as the Tusk Child Bereavement Trust. His career as a philanthropist led tot he creation of his own foundation, helping at-risk youth and helping them develop life skills.


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