Greg Secker Does it all

One would have expect a man of Greg Seckers’ time to have a impressive resume and accomplishments under his belt for sure, but what this man does is a little extraordinary. Ultimately, he is the founder of the Knowledge Group and a foundation of his name sake. But his experiences reaching this position and level of expertise are what really make him extra special.

His life and professional service is as if some financial guru / king of the mountain has to come home after somebody years away amassing a highly useful and particular skill set the same time. And now like a good man should, he is a leader to a family and not only takes care of home he works from it as well. Truly this is a man living the American dream but he’s not from or in America anymore.

This is only a testament to his wherewithal and globalized mindset. Most people wouldn’t mind working from home as well if they directed offices that spanned from London to Johannesburg. This is actually quite achievable, if not all together easy do, when you have the right tools such as Smart Charts and a Virtual Trading Desk.

Like many men who face the challenge of changing the world today Greg knows that it can’t be done from the inside out. That is to say there are certain institutions and establishments in place which only trapped and snare people even if they try to do the right thing within them. The action on the New York Stock Exchange is an adequate, if oversimplified, example of this. Does anyone recall the name “Crooked E”? Making sure others especially those new to the market stay away from such circumstances is Greg Secker’s Pride purpose and service.

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