Gerard Butler Set to Star in Afterburn

Film star Gerard Butler has finally received the green light to make ‘Afterburn’, the movie he’s been trying to make for years. Afterburn is based on a graphic novel, in which half of the earth has been rendered into wasteland.

Butler has been an established leading man since his star turn in the movie ‘300’, in which his performance as the Spartan kind Leonidas instantly became an icon. Since ‘300’, Butler has starred in both action movies and romantic comedies, having a mixed bag of successes and failures.

Some of his high points include the aforementioned ‘300’ and the ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ original and sequel, all of which were immensely lucrative and established him as a box office draw. However, there have been some box office stumbles, like ‘Gods of Egypt’ and ‘Geostorm’.

His recent movie ‘Den of Thieves’, in which he portrayed a police officer chasing a gang of organized criminals, was a financial and commercial success, and a sequel has already been commissioned. It appears that the success of ‘Den of Thieves’ might have tipped the scale to where there’s interest in his ‘Afterburn’ project as well.

In the world of ‘Afterburn’, a solar flare has devastated the Eastern Hemisphere, destroying civilization and populating the resultant wasteland with a variety of mutants. Butler will play the leader of a group of treasure hunters who brave the wasteland in search of priceless cultural artifacts. In the upcoming ‘Afterburn’ movie, their target will be Paris, and the Mona Lisa.

Studio executives as optimistic that further films set in the ‘Afterburn’ universe could follow, should the first movie prove to be successful. This appears to be in line with the current trend in big studio movie making, where a premium is placed on cinematic universes.

For Butler, creating a successful movie with ‘Afterburn’ would prove to be both a personal and professional triumph, as the actor would see his profile rise to the level of other actors who are helming franchises pumping out multiple movies. But beyond that, Butler is a personal fan of ‘Afterburn’, and has been attached to the project since 2010.

In addition to the upcoming ‘Afterburn’, Butler is set to star in the third installment of the ‘Olympus Has Landed’ series.

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