George R. R. Martin Is In No Hurry, Because Of Course He Isn’t

George R. R. Martin has become as famous for keeping his fans in unbearable suspense as for creating the universe of Game of Thrones. As fans wail that the popular GoT series won’t return to HBO until 2019 (NOT fair), the pitchforks and torches turn to Martin himself, demanding the next book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

Despite hints that the new volume would be available in 2018, the release of The Winds of Winter has been delayed yet again, as Martin informed fans on his blog. The good news is that there is an acceptable reason for the delay: Martin revealed that he is working on a history of the Targaryen family entitled Fire And Blood.

Fire And Blood will be released in two volumes. As of now, Martin plans to release Winds of Winter between the two Fire and Blood books. This news is of particular interest to those who are caught up enough to know of the peculiar romance between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, which culminated at the end of Season 8 of GoT. Perhaps Fire And Blood will give us more exploration of that relationship, and put to rest any stray theories about Jon’s heritage.

The series has overtaken the books by two seasons, with the two-year-old Season 6 being loosely based on Winds. The common question now is, is the television series based on the books, or vice versa?

Fan theories about the impending doom of the Seven Kingdoms are cropping up all over the Internet, but only one man has the answers we seek.

Dear George, please give us Winds of Winter and put us out of our misery!

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