Funds And The Best Overseer: Count On Fortress Investment Group

These years are bringing in a tremendous need for those who are trying to save money or find a way to invest money. The Fortress Investment Group, located in New York, finds the financial goldmine for all of their clients or keep their investments from folding. Currently, Randal Alan Nardone is the Chief Executive Officer. He has been in this position since August of 2013. He has strived to achieve goals that are simple but detailed. Randal Nardone allows his company to run on the fact that his clients are happy with their reports.

Fortress seems to have a way to keep all investments in order to keep any confusion down. For example, if a person has purchased a certain amount of stock in a company but are busy doing other projects, Fortress is the company to hire in the event that you don’t have time to look into what you have invested in every day. Fortress Investment Group takes on bigger companies that have become international as well. Nardone stays current with the figures that are needed in each report. He does have assistants that step in to help achieve a huge amount of success.

Nardone takes the time to ensure that each client knows about the investments that they have chosen, be he knows that his company depends on it. Randal Nardone is currently number one in his category on the Forbes list. Fortress Investment Group is said to be a hedge fund. Basically, they help to keep businesses together and their finances debt-free by using a pool of companies and overseeing their assets in this business pool. With all of the ideas for Fortress Investment Group in place, Randal Nardone will continue to be successful. Before becoming the CEO of Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone became a graduate of Boston University School of Law along with graduating from the University of Connecticut with English and Biology degrees.