Francisco Domenech Was Productive Member Of Democratic National Committee

Francisco Domenech is an extremely successful political figure in Puerto Rico and he served admirably as Democratic National Committee Member from 2007 to 2012 and provided productive leadership for the Democratic Party for young voters. Francisco Domenech was a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico where he received a Juris Doctorate degree and his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He served on various student body government positions where he honed his skill as a political activist and developed a skill set that transitioned into his professional career in politics. Francisco Domenech has served admirably during multiple presidential campaigns and in particular, in 2008 he assisted Democratic Primary Candidate Hillary Clinton in her efforts to win the Democratic nomination against Barack Obama. Watch Francisco Domenech on Youtube.

Within Puerto Rico, Hillary Clinton won the Puerto Rico election over Obama with a 68 to 32 victory margin with the efforts of Francisco Domenech and his commitment to delivering exceptional political strategic guidance for the Clinton Campaign. For the Hillary Clinton Campaign in 2016, Francisco served on the National Finance Committee and helped to organize the campaign in Puerto Rico which delivered a 61-37 victory margin over Senator Bernie Sanders. The efforts in strategic direction and leadership provided by Francisco Domenech for the Democratic Party has been unequaled and has created opportunities for large victories and systematic improvements for the country through his political endeavors and work with both governmental and business entities.

Serving as Managing Director of Politank Francisco Domenech is continuing to provide high-level strategic direction and guidance for various campaigns and political issues which has delivered successful result for both the Democratic Party and all of Puerto Rico at large. In 2016 Francisco Domenech served as Campaign Manager for the campaign of The Honorable Jennifer Gonzalez’s bid to become the youngest and first lady individual to serve as a Resident Commissioner in Puerto Rico before the US Congress for the nation of Puerto Rico. Francisco Domenech continues to deliver results and strategic analysis for the various political campaign and political issues that have become recognized as an extremely productive member of the Democratic National Committee. Visit: