Born in Glendale, California Clayton Hutson is an accomplished sound engineer and a rare gem within the musical industry. He studied theatre design at the Central Michigan University. He has held numerous roles in live entertainment firms. Despite working in Billy Graham’s sound group, he finally chose the music industry. Hutson has not only traveled with various musicians in Europe with a band known as the Garbage but has also been to North America and Australia. Presently, Clayton plays the role of designer, manager, and producer for well-known musicians such as Kid Rock and Pink.
In an interview, Clayton Hutson cited that he conceived the idea of his company since he had marvelous experience in tour production and live entertainment. The years he has spent in the industry have helped him gain experience and he felt founding his own company was a right thing to do. On an average day, Clayton is a stage manager running the floor for several events. He is always awake by 6.30 a.m. to get the venue first. He goes over the schedule, runs a walk-through, comes up with a storage plan and makes a list of things that need to be accomplished by the crew.
Clayton Hutson makes his ideas work by visualizing the set, listening to the sound and seeing the light. He also uses his past experiences to create better perspective. Hutson is engaging in CAD designs as he realizes his visions. His industry produces drama and therefore has to give their customers fantastic events. The technological trends in the music industry excite Clayton Hutson. He believes the best artists have amazing aerial skills and acrobats and the two examples are Lady Gaga and Pink.
Clayton believes that the habits that make him a productive entrepreneur include working ahead of himself. Hutson also makes a point of planning his whole day. The plan allows him to be ready for the arrival of his crew members and he can efficiently give duties to them. If he were to be young again, Clayton would advise himself to be truthful to himself and others and always put family first.
In one of the interview, Clayton added that not everyone with a positive outlook is always talented the most in life. According to him, anyone can be taught to be gifted, and talented people are passionate about their work and strive to perfect it. Clayton says he’d rather be around a person who delivers in his/her position than one who is not. Learn more: https://angel.co/clayton-hutson

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