Empowering Women with Susan McGalla

According to statistics, businesses that have gender diversity have a higher percentage of 15% to outperform companies. Companies that are ethnically diverse also have a higher chance of 35% of succeeding when compared to companies that are not diverse. The reason for this is because such companies are normally open to any ideas and the diversity in the workplace normally brings out multiple perspectives. Studies however suggest that there is only a small percentage of positions of C-level in S&P 500 firms that are held by women. Numerous women normally struggle to attain high level positions in their workplaces. There is however women like Susan McGalla who have managed to pave the path for women to reach higher positions in organizations.

According to Susan, she was managed to acquire her current position by working with women and men at the same time. She grew up with a dad who was a football coach and two brothers. Just because she was a girl, Susan states that she was never given any breaks or favors. In order to get what she wanted, Susan McGalla had to work extra hard and she has carried this hard-earned lesson into her life. This has made her become very successful and has held many high level positions. While serving at the American Eagle Outfitters, Susan worked her way up and was appointed as the company’s President. After leaving the company, she started P3 Executive Consulting. Susan now serves at the Pittsburgh Steelers as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development.

Susan McGalla participated in the “wear what we wear” innovative campaign which encouraged fans to buy the Steeler gear. She is part of the women’s networks and initiatives which offers opportunities to all women to stand out in the world of business and also in supporting each other.

Find out more about Susan McGalla: http://www.bizjournals.com/pittsburgh/news/2015/09/08/want-to-dress-like-a-steeler.html

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