Edward Honig’s Experience as a Doctor in New York

When it comes to selecting a cardiologist that is right for you, knowing what these types of doctors do, and where to go, is essential. A cardiologist is a practical medicine doctor who checks for disorders of the heart and the circulatory system. Dr. Edward Honig has a lot of cardiologist experience as this type of practitioner at Glen Cove Hospital in New York state. He is a professionally trained doctor, who has been practicing his profession for over sixty six years to this date. He is specialized in Internal Medicine, cardiology, and has received his MD degree from Duke University School of Medicine Medical School.


Dr. Edward Honig gained his medical license in the year 1952 and still is active in the profession. His medical activity ranges specializations in the cardiovascular system, to check-up appointments. Keeping track of the heart’s activity is extremely important to our daily health and lifestyles. Dr. Edward Honig is very established in using the correct tools and systems such as the ECG to look for irregularities from heart beats in patients. Seeking help with the heart, or when surgery is necessary, Honig’s doctor’s office is a successful place to visit. It is important to be aware of the heart’s health, and to make sure that necessary action is taken if need be to live a healthier life. Dr. Edward Honig is a provider at the Glen Cove Hospital, and is also one of today’s leading and top surgeons and cardiologists. He has treated numerous patients who are having difficulty with heart problems. Dr. Honig works with a team or staff of individuals who are members in assisting him complete his work. He has been within the medical field for many years and strives to continue the same previous missions and goals to society today.

Learn more about Edward on RateMDs: https://www.ratemds.com/doctor-ratings/2929943/Dr-EDWARD-HONIG-Glen+Cove-NY.html

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