Drinking Organo Gold Coffees could make you live longer

The Annals of Internal Medicine recently published the findings two new studies that found that habitual drinking of coffee could actually be linked to a lowered risk of death resulting from a myriad of diseases such as strokes and heart diseases. For several years now, a number of scientists have been researching on what exactly are the health benefits and shortcomings (if any) of drinking coffee for a prolonged period of time and therefore this is not the first time coffee drinkers are reading such headlines. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

More than 185,000 people from the Americas drawn from a cross-section of society including the Japanese Americans, Latinos, African Americans and even Whites alike were examined by one of the studies. The study found these individuals, whether they indulge themselves with decaffeinated of caffeinated coffee, they were at a lesser risk of dying from lifestyle diseases like cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease or even kidney disease.

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The researchers also found out that, the subjects who took at least two to three cups of coffee each day decreased their risk of death by up to 18% when compared to fellow folks who did not take coffee for the 16 years that the study took place.

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The other study was carried out in Europe where over 520,000 individuals were drawn from across 10 different countries and their findings were strikingly similar. The study also came to the conclusion that the people who drank a number of cups of coffee each day had a reduced chance of death when put head to head with the people who did not drink coffee.

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