Dr. Mark McKenna: Husband, Father, Entrepreneur and Committed Community Servant

Tulane Medical School graduate Dr. Mark McKenna is licensed to practice medicine and perform surgery in both Georgia and Florida. He is also a very successful entrepreneur. He has grown the boutique real estate development firm McKenna Venture Investments to include Uptown Title Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending. At its height, the companies offered financing, turnkey design-build, as well as real estate closing services. His company employed more than 50 people. Then in 2005, Hurricane Katrina wrecked New Orleans and with it Dr. McKenna’s real estate company.

But Dr. Mark McKenna has deep roots in New Orleans. He was born there and had practiced medicine there with his father after completing medical school. He was on both the New Orleans Industrial Development Board and the New Orleans Jazz Festival’s board. A dedicated community servant, Dr. McKenna worked to help rebuild the city. He constructed affordable housing for low and middle income people to help get New Orleans residents back on their feet and help re-energize the city. Then in 2007, the passionate patient advocate moved to Atlanta, Georgia and started the wellness and aesthetics medical practice ShapeMed.

The company prospered and Life Time Fitness bought it in 2014. Dr. Mark McKenna was national medical director for at Life Time Fitness for two years before leaving to become the founder and CEO of a new company called OVME. His new business is a technology enabled medical aesthetics company through which he plans to reinvent elective healthcare. His 10 years involved with medical aesthetics helped him identify the need for this new company. And the Entrepreneurs Organization member is always looking for a new challenge, so he started OVME.

Now a husband and father, as well as the owner of a new business, Dr. Mark McKenna has a hectic schedule. But he always joins Milana his daughter each morning for breakfast and has a meal with Gianine, his wife, each evening. He also makes time to read, meditate, do creative visualization and practice martial arts. All those things provide him with the balance he needs to be successful and enjoy his life.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smarkmckenna

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