Day Day-Lewis Sad About His Acting Swan Song

Simply from an awards-based perspective, actor Daniel Day-Lewis ranks as one of the greatest actors in history. He’s won three Academy Awards for Best Actor, most recently in 2012. However, his manager announced back in June that the actor will be retiring after what’s now scheduled to be his final film, “Phantom Thread,” which is scheduled to open on Christmas Day.

That movie is being directed by Paul Thomas Andersen, who directed Day-Lewis in his 2007 Oscar-winning role in “There Will Be Blood.” Prior to the announcement, the only person aware that Day-Lewis would be retiring was his wife, Rebecca Miller. While he’s made the decision, he still remains uncertain about how to explain the reasons behind it.

Having been bitten by the acting bug when he was just 12 years old, Day-Lewis indicated that his uncertain life at that time was being salvaged by his ability to perform. Over the decades that have followed, his attention to the craft has clearly been recognized.

Day-Lewis was known for taking long breaks between the film roles he accepted, something that he indicates was connected to previous considerations about possibly retiring. Those instances were always put on hold when he was offered a role that he was eager to embrace. By making his plans public, he believes that it will be able to offer a strong indication that he won’t be changing his mind in the years ahead.

Despite having made that decision, Day-Lewis said that he feels sadness about the drastic upcoming change in his life. He hasn’t decided exactly what route his future will take, with one report indicating that he would be moving into the fashion world. That rumor was largely connected to the fact that his new movie has fashion and design as its main theme.

Day-Lewis himself has indicated that he might like to take up boxing, though not from a professional standpoint, given that he turned 60 years old in April.

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