David Giertz’s concern about financial advisers who do not talk to their clients about social security

He is the Senior Vice President of the Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales. David Giertz works at the Nationwide Life Insurance Company. He holds this position since 2013. He is also the Senior Vice President, President, and Director in other national firms. Between 2009 and 2013, Mr. Giertz served as the Vice President at FI/WH. He also served as a Bank Channel Manager from 2004 – 2009.

David Giertz regrets that yet advisers should talk to their clients about social security, most of them do not. With the help of his team, David conducted a survey for the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute. He added that the survey participants were retired persons, who are majorly their consumers on wsj.com. David said that the results of the survey were shocking to him because these people complained of zero information from their advisers about social security.

Four out of five customers said that they could be willing to change their advisers if they met one who talks to them about social security. According to David, most of the advisers ignore the subject of social security because of its complexity. He added that social security has over 2700 roles on Finra. However, he noted that advisers do not have to delve into all the roles, rather, they can concentrate on the main roles that they feel affect their clients the most. This would be better than ignoring the whole topic at https://www.nationwide.com/about-us/040114-nf-new-mobile-app.jsp.

According to David, every client worries about the adviser that they choose because they count their retirement plan on White Pages on as an important asset and investment. Their adviser’s income is also part of their retirement planning process, and social security can cover up to 40 %.

From the survey, David also discovered that clients who turn to social security early could lose over 1000 dollars a month over 25 years. Social security, he says, is important so that clients can optimize their retirement incomes.

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