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What Happened to Zack Snyder’s Original Concept of Superman?

The departure of Zack Snyder from Justice League now forever leaves questions in the minds of fans. Obvious questions center on whether the film would have achieved better box office results and critical acclaim. Another question emerging centers on Superman’s personality. In Snyder’s original concept for Justice League, a reborn Superman becomes the “true” Superman. In other words, Superman’s persona and those of the comic book version wouldn’t be much different. The Superman of Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman, however, was significantly different.

In Snyder’s reimagining of Superman, the “Big Blue Boyscout” became much more cynical and violent. To many fans, Superman ceased to be Superman. Snyder seemed to wish to modernize Superman. Now, it seems there was a plan to evolve Superman from a darker version to the more optimistic one.

Harcore fans don’t seem to be the only ones turned off to the new version of Superman. Lackluster box office receipts speak volumes about the apathy fans felt towards the character. Unfortunately, superhero cinema aficionados will never know if Snyder’s original plan would have played out. Removing and replacing Snyder from Justice League ended the “Snyder path.”

Snyder really didn’t seem to be the right fit for the DC Extended Universe. Other than Wonder Woman, the entries disappointed critically. Several films did do well at the box office despite poor reviews, but the bad reviews caught up with them.

Fans still clamor for a release of the original Snyder rough cut of Justice League. How much finished footage comprises the purported rough cut — or if there is even a full rough cut — remains unknown. Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment maintain no plans to release the Snyder version, although one could be released in the future. The original version of Superman II saw a DVD release more than 20 years after the film initially hit theaters.

Does a Definitive Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League Exist?

Spinning the disastrous box office of Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s Justice League film cannot be done with any credibility. The film failed to connect with audiences and critics. The departure of director Zack Snyder due to a personal crisis has been blamed for some of the film’s failure. Replacing a director doesn’t usually lead to the creation of a well-crafted finished film. Rumors recently emerged that Snyder did shoot enough footage that his version of the film could be edited and released on home video. Warner Bros., however, has zero interest in releasing the Zack Snyder cut of a film ultimately completed by Joss Whedon.

Warner Bros. noted that significant special effects work, editing, and sound mixing would be required to release the Zack Snyder cut in an acceptable version. Since the theatrical version of the film failed to break even, Warner Bros. doubtfully wishes to spend millions upon millions of dollars on a DVD/Blu-ray that won’t make its extra costs back.

Interestingly, rumors recently emerged that a far more complete version of the Snyder cut does exist. If this version didn’t require editing or mixing, then releasing it wouldn’t come with added cost. Don’t look for Warner Bros. to release such a DVD even if Snyder’s cut truly is a complete version. Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment want to put the disastrous release of Justice League back into the past. Releasing a better version of the official one simply draws more attention to the current cinematic woes facing heroes of DC Comics. DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. need Aquaman, Shazam!, and Wonder Woman 2 to perform quite well at the box office. Anything that reminds fans that Warner and DC Entertainment delivers duds doesn’t help the cause.

That said, the Zack Snyder cut may eventually be released in the future. However, that time could be many years away.