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The Chainsmokers Let Fans In On How They Produce Their Music

The Chainsmokers latest hit song is “Somebody”. This is a song which features vocal samples that have been pitched up as well as a good amount of modular synth work. Drew Taggart and Alex Pall have now posted a short video on their Facebook account which shows a peek into what it takes to compose a song like this. It features their work on all of the instruments used in this song which includes both piano and synth work. It also shows the computer programs they use to get their songs sounding exactly how they want them to.

The Chainsmokers first formed in 2012. At that time it was Alex Pall and Rhett Bixler who formed this duo. Before long Bixler left and Drew Taggart was brought in by his manager who also manages Pall. They became an EDM DJ duo and began to form their own unique sound while also making remixes of the songs of indie bands. Still in 2012, the formed a collaboration with Priyanka Chopra who is a very popular actress and recording artist from India. This song was “Erase” and it was followed up a few months later with another collaboration, “The Rookie”.

It was at the end of 2013 that The Chainsmokers started to get national attention when they released “#Selfie”. They had released this song for free and before long it was picked up by a record label and re-released. This song became popular internationally and it set them on the path of success in the industry.

2014 saw more success for this dance duo. The had success with “Kanye” as well as “Let You Go”. In 2015 their most popular hits were “Good Intentions”, “Roses”, “Waterbed”, and “Until You Were Gone”. They also released their first EP in this year which was titled “Bouquet”.

After taking a bit of a break from music for around six months The Chainsmokers came roaring back in 2018 with “Sick Boy”. The released their next single, “You Owe Me”, just a month later and then debuted another song, “Everybody Hates Me”, a month after that. They are also working on their next album which hasn’t gotten a release date yet.

Alex Pall One Half of the Chainsmokers

Alex Pall is a part of the DJ/Production duo known as the Chainsmokers. In May of 2016 the Chainsmokers released their song “Closer”, the song features Halsey. Unlike their song “Roses”, which put them in the top 10, “Closer” has Andrew Taggart singing. Andrew Taggart is the other half of the Chainsmokers. An artist singing on their own works of art is not uncommon, normally. For the Chainsmokers however it’s very different. They usually rely on songwriters and vocalists to add the human element to their awesomely crafted electronic sounds. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are working to reveal themselves more to their fans.

Alex Pall grew up DJing. It was a hobby of his that he was enthusiastic about. When in New York City Pall was DJing as side work. It was side work he was very passionate about. He says it is scary pursuing something in the city and have it feel more like fun than a job. He was working with their manager at this time, who introduced him to Taggart. Pall quit his job and Taggart moved down from Maine and there is your creative duo the Chainsmokers.

When Pall was asked why they started singing with their electronic creations, he simply says “Well, why not?”. It is different to see a DJ duo singing on their own songs. Especially when it comes to their real lives. Pall says it is because these people do not write their own lyrics. The Chainsmokers do work with songwriters, but they are right there with them creating the magic. On some songs it is all Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Other songs the duo is just ushering and guiding it. Pall says that the Chainsmokers want to release an album, with songs that go together. Songs about them, and who they are.

Chainsmokers Now Appeal to Audiences Outside of the U.S. and the U.K.

The Chainsmokers have been around since 2012 and they have created some hit songs during their short time in the industry. This group consist of two DJs from New York City. Most of the music that they have made in the past was designed to reach mainstream audiences. Their former blend of EDM and pop music created big hits such as Paris, Closer and Don’t Let Me Down featuring Daya. Currently, the group has moved toward a darker sound and a darker outlook.

Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers stated that the group had to start creating a different type of sound. He said that their old sound was extremely identical to the music that everyone is making. They wanted to move away from the upbeat, love and party lyrics they were used to doing. Now, they wanted to dabble into the darker side of existence. Pall stated that this new move was important for the group because they had to expand their sound and style.

Most American audiences are not drawn to dark music. They want up tempo party sounds that will keep them dancing and feeling good. The Chainsmokers new sound no longer fits that mode. When the group debut their song Sick Boy for American audiences it peaked to the 35th position on the Billboard 100 charts. From their it fell. The song did not get close to the top 10 which is a very important position for any song.

However, the song did break the top 10 in places such as Slovakia, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Finland. The song actually reached the number 1 spot in the Czech Republic and Germany’s Dance music. In other words, the song did well enough to go gold and it gained great commercial success in nations where dark music is the norm.

Sick Boy is a successful tune. Just because it does not appeal to many American and U.K. audiences does not mean that it has failed. The Chainsmokers fanbase expands well beyond America’s and Britain’s borders. Many die hard American Chainsmokers fans did like the song. The Chainsmokers have not disappointed them at all with their new sound.

Kim Dao Does a Makeup Purge

In this video from Kim Dao, she is going through the process of cluttering her makeup. Kim Dao even reveals that she has several makeup products that she’s been keeping for years, and it’s definitely time to throw out what she hasn’t been using. Kim Dao also describes herself as a hoarder because she doesn’t like to throw out makeup when it hasn’t been completely used up, but due to her moving into a new place she’s ready to purge her old makeup products. Kim Dao points out all of the different areas where she’s got her makeup stored as she gets ready to go through each box and drawer to find what she needs to get rid of. As she begins, Kim Dao sees multiple products that she really enjoys using and in some cases she actually has more than one of each makeup product, but eventually she does start finding items that she doesn’t use at all. She quickly tosses those items to the side. Kim Dao talks herself through the process and analyzes just how much she likes a product, whether or not she uses it much, and also how long it’s been since she last used it ( She makes the decluttering of her makeup storage look downright fun because she finds so many items that she truly does love and use quite a bit, but for the items that she doesn’t enjoy or use as much Kim Dao tosses them into the bin without any hesitation. Learn more: