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Rob Liefeld Suggests X-Force Might Top The Avengers Franchise

Rob Liefeld isn’t known for speaking in overblown, hyperbolic terms. When the legendary comic book creator recently made comments about the forthcoming X-Force movie, eyebrows were raised. Leifield suggests X-Force could rival The Avengers franchise in terms of success and popularity. Well, the soon-to-be cinematic mutant team can provided the debut movie earns billions of dollars at the box office. Dramatically impacting entertainment and pop-culture would be necessary as well.

In all seriousness, these results are certainly possible. All it takes is one really great film. Or maybe it takes several films.

The incredible success of The Avengers franchise results from the culmination of several well-received films. Marvel Studios also built an incredible shared universe in which every film layered on top of one another to build anticipation for the next entry.

Fox might have a huge mountain to climb to reach Marvel Studio’s accomplishments. Leifield feels Fox is up to the task. Liefeld created Deadpool, a character that stands as one of Fox’s biggest box office attractions. The forthcoming Deadpool 2 should generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for Fox, but the numbers won’t likely reach Avengers: Infinity War levels.

Does the film really need to compete with The Avengers? Honestly, as long as X-Force, Deadpool, the X-Men, and other Fox projects turn solid profits for Fox, the studio should be pleased. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to aim for the proverbial skies and seek to produce an awesome film capable of shaking up the industry. If X-Force can deliver something new, audiences might react to it with great enthusiasm.

Barring a terrible film, there’s no reason why X-Force won’t be a hit. Liefeld’s idea that X-Force can compete with The Avengers may be a bit of wishful thinking, but his words do build a bit of buzz for the film among serious comic book movie fans.