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Tom Holland “Researching” for “Uncharted” Film

Tom Holland drops a hint that he will indeed be playing the lead in the upcoming Uncharted film.

On his Instagram account, Holland posted a short video of the video game’s title screen and theme music, with the words “FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES” written across the screen.

The young actor had already been attached to play protagonist Nathan Drake in Uncharted, which will be a prequel to the video game series. However, nothing has been confirmed.

Holland is most well-known for playing the part of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He stole the show (and Cap’s shield) in his brief Captain America: Civil War appearances before starring in Spider-Man: Homecoming this year.

Uncharted is a third-person shooter created by Naughty Dog and published by Sony. It tells the story of Drake as he goes around the world with a group of compatriots, trying to uncover historical mysteries. They have been hailed as some of the greatest video games of all time (particularly Uncharted 2: Among Thieves), and are often compared to big Hollywood properties like Indiana Jones. Theoretically, an Uncharted film that manages to avert the usual “video game movie curse” could become a huge franchise.

Attempts to adapt these games have been going on since 2009, but unfortunately for fans, so far they keep stalling as different writers, producers and actors express interest in the film before leaving. Things may finally be moving forward now that Shawn Levy, currently working as a producer of Stranger Things, has been announced to direct the project.

At previous points frontrunners to play Drake have included Holland’s MCU colleague Chris Pratt (Star-Lord from Guardian of the Galaxy, in case you have a hard time keeping the Chrises straight) and Nathan Fillion, who even began a Twitter campaign to help him land the part.