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Andrew Lincoln Soon Walks Off The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln seems to be done. Reportedly, the actor has decided to call his Walking Dead career quits. At the end of season 9, Lincoln ends his run as Rick Grimes on the zombie apocalypse series. All indications suggest Norman Reedus will rise to the lead role from season 10 onward. Reedus now weighs a big money deal to accept the promotion.


The departure of Lincoln comes as a shock, but not too big of a shock. The Walking Dead continues to lose viewers season after season. Failure to provide an audience with the type of entertainment it has grown accustomed to often proves disastrous. Viewers get used to a particular presentation in a television series. The trouble with The Walking Dead centered on the constant shuffling of the production staff. Different showrunners brought with them different approaches. Even when adopting the source material from the comics, the tone of The Walking Dead simply didn’t match from one season to the next. Likely, this factored into both declining audience numbers and Andrew Lincoln’s desire to depart.


When a television series clearly displays it’s best years are far behind it, actors start looking for other projects. Andrew Lincoln has become an international star thanks to his recurring role as Rick Grimes. He shouldn’t have too much trouble landing a new gig. Costar Lauren Cohan has capitalized on her fame from The Walking Dead. She will be starring in another television series. She won’t depart The Walking Dead in season nine, but her role will be limited.


Andrew Lincoln won’t be appearing in every episode of season nine either. Cutting back on his screen time makes sense since he won’t be the lead star in season 10. The program’s running time must invest in those stars who will be carrying the series in future years.


Where The Walking Dead walks to from this point truly is uncertain. Hopefully, the series can turn around its ratings woes.