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E-governe Is Being Adopted By Organizations Such As Osasco

Osasco is an important municipality in Brazil. It is getting integrated with the client portfolio of ICI. The municipality of Osasco is located in Greater São Paulo. It has signed the contract for implementing e-governe. This is the Educação school management system on It is also being used in Teresina which is the capital of Piauí.

As per the contract, ICI will be supplying computer equipment and all kinds of inputs. It will be responsible for installing an electrical network. Besides, it will be organizing a call center too. This will be for Municipal Education Department of São Paulo. All the 138 school units will be getting covered under the e-governe of Osasco. It will also cover the Municipal Education Department headquarters along with its Continuing Education Center.

The advantages of e-governe in Education are quite clear to all. It ensures the integrity of information. Besides, it retains its uniqueness as well as security too. The management reports can be issued in real time. Next, it can easily be accessed through the Internet. This means that there is no need to go to a school or some other institution. It can be accessed from the convenience of the home too.

With e-governe, shared reports can be provided and shared with all. This will help to eliminate or minimize duplication of work. The access can be controlled as varying levels of security ensure access privileges as defined by the system administrators. This also helps to ensure agility in meeting various demands of the school units.

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Osasco is the fifth largest city in terms of size in the State of Sao Paulo. It has one of the highest indexes in terms of state development. The city is known for the number of entrepreneurs in its population. The total population of this city is already beyond 700,000 inhabitants.

Osasco has the 23rd GDP among all the municipalities in Brazil. It has a thriving economy. The municipality of Osasco is the living portrait of a sustainable economy that is showing a lot of social progress. This kind of development has been promoted by industries, besides the retail and wholesale traders along with service providers. Hence the city has attracted Federations, Associations along with other bodies that represent productive activity.

Osasco is the headquarters of the São Paulo State Industries Center – CIESP, as well as the Federation of Trade Associations – FACESP. It also houses Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service – SEBRAE. There are various Trade Boards and trade unions here along with the SENAI as well as SENAC units.

A few of the companies make a major impact on the Brazilian economy. These include Banco Bradesco which is among the largest private financial institutions in Brazil. Its headquarters are located here. Even the SBT is located here. It is the second largest television network nationally. The city also houses the graphic park that belongs to the Diário de São Paulo newspaper. Osasco is the distribution center of big multinationals that include McDonald’s, besides Ponto Frio as well as Coca-Cola.

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