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How Talos Energy CEO Tim Duncan Persevered To Finalize A Merger In The Wake Of A Natural Disaster

Tim Duncan, The Chief Executive Officer Of Talos Energy, and his family felt the wrath of Hurricane Harvey. The power was already out when Duncan and his family were notified that more flood waters were heading into the area. Duncan and his family climbed into a FEMA rescue boat.

Duncan had spent the past few months finalizing the merger of his company with Stone Energy. Duncan wanted to make Talos Energy a public entity. Duncan was determined to get the deal done regardless of the public disaster going on at the moment. Duncan had a private plane escort him and his family to Alabama. Once he went back to Texas, Duncan stayed at his parent’s home, where he eventually finalized the deal and more

Once the deal starts, Talos Energy will have control over a lucrative oil company. Most of Talos Energy’s assets will be located near The Gulf Of Mexico. While the drilling platform is expensive, and there is always the potential of a disastrous oil spill, Talos Energy’s balance sheet can help offset some of those costs. Talos Energy is applying new technology to some old reservoirs with the hope of producing over 50,000 barrels per day.

Talos pumps over 10,000 barrels a day into a ship known as Helix Producer. Talos is confident that the output will continue to increase. Talos Energy is also excited to acquire the Pompano platform, a new drilling opportunity. Duncan says that Talos wants to enhance some of their existing platforms. The Phoenix field was initially developed by Chevron, as they drilled multiple wells and installed a production platform.

Duncan has lived in Texas, Florida, and Egypt. He started his career working for Zilkha Energy. Duncan helped open Gryphon Exploration, which purchased High Island, a field in shallow water. Gryphon Exploration drilled new wells to help increase the output. Duncan and his team found some oil discoveries at the Belle Isle Field in Louisiana.

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