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How Was Superman Resurrected in the Snyder Cut?

Months have passed since Justice League first came out, and fans were able to see how much of it was altered after Zack Snyder was replaced by Joss Whedon as director. In particular, it looks as if just about every scene with Superman was changed, as evidenced by Henry Cavill’s weird CGI mouth. This all leads to the question, how was Superman going to be resurrected in Snyder’s version of the story?

In the film, Batman suggests bringing the Man of Steel back to life, and the League uses a Mother Box to do so. According to a clip released by Snyder on social media, it seem as if all of the League go together to dig up his body; in the theatrical version, we only see Cyborg and the Flash, who have a brief conversation about their origin stories (and realizing that they are both “accidents”) as they dig him up.

While the method of resurrection seems to have been the same in Snyder’s version, it was expanded on: here, it was Cyborg (himself having been fused with a Mother Box) that notes the possibility of doing so, as he has been learning more about the MacGuffins’ abilities. Also, Cyborg had another “Knightmare” showing a dystopian future with evil Superman. Cutting this may well have been a good idea, if only to avoid seeming repetitive and making the audience wonder why the League was continuing down such a dangerous path. On the other hand, the fact that the final cut does not even allude to Batman’s dream from Dawn of Justice just makes the sequence seem all the more random.

Beyond that, if looks as if things proceeding much the same: Superman came back crazy (with some minor dialogue changes during the fight) but gets redeemed by Lois. There likely also would have been more scenes of him getting sane and getting his costume, but those were cut for time.