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Crossover to Country – Steven Tyler’s Influences and New Documentary

Steven Tyler is well-known as the lead singer of famous rock band Aerosmith. The band was formed in 1970. Their unique sound catapulted them to the top of the rock charts. Their momentum has shifted over the years, but they remain relevant despite the new music they’re up against. Their sound is rooted in blues, funk, R&B, rock, and country. Steven Tyler recently stepped into his country boots on a solo offshoot. His new documentary is Steven Tyler: Out on a Limb, and it details the events leading up to and during his temporary departure from Aerosmith.

The rock hero is most recently known as a judge on the hit show American Idol. Before that, he spent decades as the drummer and frontman of Aerosmith and made an impression on the country music scene. There’s hardly a country song today that doesn’t have melodies of rock mixed with it. Tyler’s long career in rock music surely made an impact. He released his first country solo two years ago with We’re All Somebody from Somewhere. The band Loving Mary backs Tyler currently. His contributions to country music enabled this smooth transition.

Tyler has performed with Aerosmith for over forty years. This small departure marks the need for a break for the entire band. Artistically, any singer needs time away from their band after a period like that. His new backing band will be mentored by him and possibly provide the collaboration effort Tyler is searching for.

In the new documentary, guitarist Nathan Barlowe talks about their songwriting influences. He explains that the new songs performed by Steven Tyler with Loving Mary were co-written by fans of Aerosmith. They may have been inspired by the many Aerosmith songs which have gritty country sound themes to them. Covers like Back Back Train and Jesus Is on the Main Line, or songs such as The Farm, Back in the Saddle, Last Child, and Mama Kin all have that country influence. Famous Aerosmith song I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing was even covered by country artist Mark Chestnutt. There are endless examples. Tyler obviously has a reverence for the style.

The new documentary may have been misnamed. The rocker may be from Boston, but he has the edge that any country artist needs. He stays true to his Boston roots while authentically grinding into the edge of country music with his new work. Check out Steven Tyler: Out on a Limb to learn more about his crossover.