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Soderbergh Uses iPhone to Make New Film

Filmmaking has continually evolved since Thomas Edison’s first attempt, with innovations having become a relatively common approach within the movie industry. In one of the latest examples of this philosophy, director Steven Soderbergh has taken a new approach when it comes to filming his new movie, Unsane.

That concept involved filming the entire movie, which opens on March 23, on an iPhone. That fact has actually been known for the past year and was decided before Soderbergh had come up with an actual title for his film that’s being described as a thriller with a psychological bent.

Unsane has a diverse cast, including Claire Foy, best known for playing Queen Elizabeth in Netflix’s The Crown. In addition, former Saturday Night Live cast member Jay Pharoah takes on a role that’s anything but comedic in nature. In addition, actress Amy Irving could be the most prominent name among the remaining cast.

Foy’s character is being victimized by the villainous stalking of a man played by Joshua Leonard, best known for The Blair Witch Project. After being sent to an institution after her mental faculties are deemed to be in question, she discovers that the stalker is apparently employed at the facility.

Rather than simply stick to that component, Soderbergh also puts the woman’s own mindset into question by making it uncertain whether or not what she appears to see is the actual truth.

Soderbergh had announced that he would no longer make movies, a pledge that ended last year when he delivered Logan Lucky. That film was one that reflected his habit of going in a different direction with each of his films. In that case, the film centered on a heist that was being plotted and had comedic overtones attached. Never knowing what to expect next is a Soderbergh trademark.