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Stephen King’s The Bone Church Moves to the Television Phase

A rather intriguing new television series based on a work by Stephen King moves forward. King once wrote an offbeat poem titled The Bone Church. The Bone Church wasn’t written like a traditional Stephen King tome. This work was a strange poem, a poem that impressed fans and critics. Apparently, the source material also impressed television producers.

The Bone Church comes off as a variant of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, but with the many King touches fans clamor for.

Stephen King is red hot once again. The legendary author never really experienced any career lulls. He’s been selling an incredible number of novels since the 1970’s. In terms of motion pictures, projects based on King’s works haven’t always been huge hits. The recent failure of The Dark Tower may have led some to wonder if King adaptions could do well at the box office. And then along came the fantastic remake of It. The second live-action version of The Losers Club vs. Pennywise the Clown earned hundreds of millions at the worldwide box office. Now, scores of studios are looking to produce new King projects. The Bone Church seems to be the most intriguing one so far. It isn’t the last, either. Several other Stephen King television projects seem to be moving forward.

In the 1980’s, there was a massive number of Stephen King movies produced. In time, the Stephen King name ceased to be an automatic ticket seller. Movie and TV projects continued with 1990’s version of It being a popular hit.

The sequel to It clearly stands as the most anticipated of all future King works. The Bone Church could make for perfect episodic television. Stranger Things proves dark and fantastic adventures can play out well in a well-written series. The Bone Church could even give Stranger Things a run for becoming the top fan-favorite fantasy program among genre enthusiasts.