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OneLogin Provides Businesses With The Tecnhnology To Improve Productivity And Security

Cloud technologies are being used by contemporary manufacturing organizations to drive their organizational success and enable their businesses. These technologies improve agility across the supply chains by simplifying identity management and improving security at a reduced cost. The identity management systems of twenty years ago are still being used by many manufacturers, and lead to numerous challenges. The manufacturer and vendor supply chain is complex, and may include thousands of vendors. When the interaction is manual, it is often slow due to antiquated systems and tools. This leads to a loss of productivity.

The wealth of sensitive data handled by manufactures causes a higher rate of phishing attacks than with any other industry. Apps able to contain sensitive data securely are required. IT employees are consistently onboarding and offboarding employees, and when the end users forget their passwords, it causes delays. Vendors, supply chain partners and manufacturing organizations are in different locations, the app rollouts are complex, directories are disparate, and the identity management system is complicated.

All this can be addressed with OneLogin’s cloud-based IAM solution. This encompasses multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and active directory integration on a real-time basis with over 5,000 apps. OneLogin centralizes the app for every employee in an easily accessible location with one secure password. This improves productivity, and saves IT time. OneLogin Adaptive Authentication analyses important factors when employees log in including geographic location, time of day, the login device, and network familiarity. The system searches for abnormalities, and responds with the requirement of additional authentication when abnormalities are detected.

Leaving the legacy infrastructure is a daunting proposition for numerous organizations. With OneLogin WAM or Web Access Management it does not have to be. WAM makes the process simpler because it integrates with a business’s webserver. This provides secure access to legacy applications, and all the Cloud IAM features are accessible when a connection is made to the OneLogin Cloud Directory. This means a business is not pressed for time while setting up their cloud infrastructure, the users will have all the apps they require, and the business can simultaneously make all their on-premises operations productive and secure.