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Sisqo Returns With Smash Hit

Art is the ability to take a thought, concept or feeling and express it in a manner that is possible for people of all backgrounds to relate to. Reading this MTV article about the new thong song remix would show you that art is something which constantly evolves and manages to stay relevant to society. It is often extremely easy for artists to get left behind with the times, but this is not the case with the Thong Song by Sisqo. Instead, it is known as a cult favorite that people rely on to show their love to the female body. If you love butts, this song has you covered by offering a tasteful way to express that love. The Thong Song became a smash hit and Billboard chart topper in the year 1999, but it refuses to be left in the dust. Instead, Sisqo has just released a newly remixed version for 2017 that is well worth listening to. If you are asking yourself why now?

Sisqo waited 18 years to release a song that reminded fans of his smash hit song and the time is now to offer a new take on the ode to revealing underwear. The difference in this new version would be a tropical feel and faster beat that lends to a track which feels like it is just being released for the first time. If you love thongs, you will even enjoy the video. A great video should not just help you to understand the song, but it should serve as a companion to the music that gets you more interested in playing the song on repeat. The good news is that the new Thong Song video does all of these things as so much more. It might be 2017, but it’s starting to feel like 1999 all over again.

Sisqo Offers Thong Song Remix in 2017

If you are short on time or attention, you may have missed the MTV article discussing the newly released remix of the thong song by Sisqo. However, if you are a fan of Sisqo or Dru Hill, your time would be well spent reading through the article with the extra minutes of your break at work. If you are like most people that follow music, you probably have not listened to a Sisqo song since the year 1999. If you have tuned out the singer for the last 18 years, you may not remember just how big the Thong Song became. However, it was one of the most popular songs of the year and considered by many to be the biggest hit that he has ever experienced. In fact, it is possible that you will run into many people that know nothing of Sisqo prior to his release of the Thong Song. These people will often tell you that he is an example of an artist that is a one hit wonder who struck gold with that track. If you are a more experienced music fan, you probably know that Sisquo experienced a large amount of success as part of the group Dru Hill. While serving as the frontman for Dru Hill, he was instrumental in helping the group sell millions of records thanks to songs like Sleeping In My Bed. There are many Dru Hill songs that are considered by fans to be timeless dedications to love that will offer relevant concepts for generations to come. Now we can add one more song to that list with the newly released Thong Song 2017 remix. Take in the Thong Song and tap into your love for the natural look of a woman’s body once again with this summer chart topper.