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Get Infected with Parasyte the Maxim

Parasyte the Maxim is a sci-fi anime with its roots in a manga series and two live-action film adaptations that will leave you wishing there was more, in the best of ways!

Watch as the quiet and seemingly normal Shinichi wakes to find that his hand and arm have been taken over by a parasitic alien. Because the parasite was unable to enter Sinichi’s brain, both of them retain their own distinct personalities. The parasite quickly gets the name ‘Migi’, for it having taken over his right hand.

While it would be easy to assume that the quiet and mild-mannered Sinichi might lose himself to the parasite, he is actually a very strong boy who uses his newfound power to try to save other humans from a worse fate than his own.

All this while still tackling the awkward teenaged tasks like dating and finding his own place in the world.

With twists and turns and a plot that allows safety for no character, Parasyte the Maxim (usually shortened to just ‘Parasyte’) will keep you on the edge of your chair.

The anime series saw only 24 episodes. While this may mean that you can binge watch it over the course of a week and wish for more, it also means that the story was kept tight, action-packed, and well-written.

If you’re a fan of body horror, sci-fi, psychological horror, aliens, or BAMF lead characters, you’ll love Parasyte.