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Richard Brake May Be Breaking Up The Firefly Trio in Rob Zombie’s 3 From Hell

Rob Zombie shocked horror fans with the news he started filming a third “Firefly family” film titled 3 From Hell. Fans did not even know the rocker/director was planning a follow-up to House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil’s Reject. News about the film remains ever so quiet. Things will remain this way until Zombie finishes up touring and starts work on the editing. To keep a buzz about the film going, Zombie releases still photos from the feature. The stills definitely intrigue fans about what to expect from the third — and likely final — Firefly family film.


The newest photo reveals actor Richard Brake. Brake sports a grizzled beard and appropriate 1970’s era clothes. The Firefly film series continues its late 1970’s setting. The look on Brake’s face appears quite serious. Take this as a hint his role in the film is equally serious. Consider it doubtful Zombie would cast Brake in a mere cameo. The actor played the prominent villain Doomhead in Zombie’s previous horror outing 31. Brake also plays The Night King on Game of Thrones. Fans outside of the horror and fantasy genre probably will recognize Brake from a variety of other projects he appeared in. The actor’s popularity continues to rise allowing him to become a favorite casting choice. With 31 and 3 From Hell, Brake rises above supporting actor status and into featured roles.


Since the title trio from 3 From Hell play the main villains, is Brake’s role going to be a more heroic one? More accurately, will he be an anti-heroic antagonist to the Firefly family in the new entry? Zombie doesn’t seem to like creating heroes that lack flaws. Brake’s penchant for quirkiness in his roles makes him better suited for a more anti-heroic character as well.


So far, everything about 3 From Hell falls under the category of pure speculation. The film won’t be released until 2019. Fans must wait a long time before seeing what the third film is all about.