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Adam Milstein Is Bringing Awareness To The Israeliness Community

Adam Milstein penned an article that was featured in the Jerusalem Post in May of 2016. The article covered the challenges that those in the Jewish community within the United States has affected their lifestyle. The article which discussed connecting the next generation of Jewish individuals with the heritage of their homeland. In recent years, there has been an extreme amount of controversy surrounding the heritage of the people. In 2013, a research study that was conducted by the Pew Research Center showed the decrease in the Jewish affiliation that is occurring through the millennials in the Jewish community and the connection they have to Israel. The decrease is affecting how the next generation of Jews will carry on the legacy of their ancestors.

In an effort to offer a solution to the challenges presented, the term Israeliness was created. This identity is addressing the people of Israel and the culture surrounding the ancestors. One of the main elements that is now missing from many of the homes is the Hebrew language. It shows a distant relation between the heritage and Hebrew language.

Adam Milstein is working hard to bring the Jewish values back into homes, the    practicing of the Zionism is the one thing that Adam Milstei ,n and family are trying to bring back. Zionism is the belief in the right for the Jewish people to live independently in the homeland of Israel. The connection that they have with their homeland and the commitment they have to the heritage of the Jewish community surrounding the entire world.

Adam Milstein has been able to witness the Israeliness firsthand. He has been able to witness the inspiration that the American Jews have towards the next generation. He has seen how the Israeli-Americans are working to serve the Jewish community by serving as ambassadors within the United States.

After the release of Adam Milstein’s piece, the replies of the Jewish members in the United States were loving what was created with the concept surrounding Israeliness. The one thing that most of them however did not understand is how to implement that into their day to day lives.