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Talks of Rambo 5 in the Works

Rambo 5 is set to begin shooting later this year in the fall. With a tentative shoot date of September, Sylvester Stallone is rumored to be taking up his classic role as the famous Vietnam vet. In this fifth installment of the Rambo series, Stallone will be taking on one of the most violent Mexican Cartels.

While working on a ranch, he crosses the border in order to battle the entirety of the cartel after the kidnapping of his friend’s daughter. While many are surprised to see the Rambo series come out of retirement, there are also rumors that Sylvester Stallone may also be taking up the role as director for the upcoming movie.

While Sylvester Stallone’s participation has not been confirmed, there are very strong speculations that along with acting he will be taking up the role of director for the film. At Cannes, the founder of Millenium Films production company, Avi Lerner, will begin launching sales for the project that is connected to Stallone. Avi Lerner was also a collaborator for the Expendables film series that also featured Stallone. Last year, Stallone had announced that he would no longer be participating in the franchise due to disagreements on the script and director. He surprised fans everywhere when he went to Twitter and teased the prospect of a fourth installment of the popular film series.

This reservation to return to a well-known franchise is rather familiar to Stallone who had previously expressed that he didn’t necessarily want to be part of another installment of the Rambo series. The first installment of Rambo, First Blood was released in 1982 with the fourth installment being completed in 2008. Rambo 4 not only starred Stallone but also saw him in the role of director. Currently, Stallone is filming Creed II.