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Clayton Hutson Is The Go-To Tour Manager For Hundreds Of Musicians (UPDATE)


The Reporter Expert recently credited Clay Hutson to the Kid Rock Tour being a great success. Ravi Mandalia of Reporter Expert gave the background to the obstacles that Clay Hutson had overcome as Kid Rock’s Stage Manager.


The first obstacle to overcome was initially Kid Rock’s controversial statements regarding the NHL that was not well-received by hockey fans. Another scenario that led to an obstacle was Kid Rock’s “bid” for senate in Fall of 2017. The artist had created a website stating his intentions to run for a seat in 2018 but later stated that he was not serious about being a political figure. Even though Kid Rock did not end up formally running for a seat, the attention up until his later statement raised awareness towards his upcoming tour.


The Greatest Show on Earth was the initial tour name for Kid Rock. Once the owners of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, Feld Entertainment Group, heard of this name their legal team filed a lawsuit. The implications of a lawsuit meant paying for damages therefore Kid Rock’s Tour was renamed to “The American Tour.”


Despite the obstacles leading up to The American Tour, millions of fans still came out to support Kid Rock on his tour dates. Clay Hutson’s prior experience as both a stage and production manager helped diffuse the obstacles the tour had. During interviews, he remained confident and embraced the challenge of any doubts about the tour and technology for small stages with big shows.


Hutson has worked with a number of big-name artists including Prince, Kanye West, and Pink. He praised artists who utilize evolving technology equipment to push their form of art. Going beyond their music, they are expressing themselves through their shows including stage design. He excitedly shared in a recent interview just how cutting-edge the industry is, where if you get too comfortable with observing that you can become obsolete. Specifically for show equipment, technology is continually getting more mobile, faster, and brighter. The trends of the industry are ever-changing and as a stage manager, Hutson stays on the heel of these changes.




Production Management Specialist Clayton Hudson

Clayton Hudson is a events production manager. He has worked his way up in the events scene over the past twenty years. Clayton is a Michigan native who attended Central Michigan University and earned is degree in Theatre Design and Technical Production. He continued his education at the University of Michigan’s Steven M. Ross School of Business and earned his Master’s degree in Business Management. While Clayton attended school he worked with many events setting up equipment, driving equipment trucks, handling lighting and performing audio duties.


Nashville may be the current home of choice for Clayton Hudson but his popularity puts him on the road for many events tours. Some big name bands that he has provided production management for include Alice in Chains, Pink, Prince, and the Smashing Pumpkins, Kelly Clarkson, Guns n Roses, Garbage, the Backstreet boys and Gwen Stefani. In addition to musical artists and bands Clayton Hudson has also been employed as a production manager for the well-known televangelist Billy Graham.


A very notable career moment for Clayton Hudson was when he served as a technical consultant for the 2016 Rio Olympics. For the span of over two years Clayton was sought out for his advice on the technical aspects of the live ceremony for the Olympics’ organizing committee.


Clayton Hutson credits his ever growing popularity to his work ethic. He continually works hard and pays extreme attention to all details. His eye for detail enhances his reputation amongst the big name performers. Clayton embraces long days and believes in a hard worth ethic. One aspect of paying attention to detail includes rechecking work continually throughout set up. The equipment checks help him to check for mistakes that may degrade the quality of his work and compromise safety for performers. He strives to organize and set up his equipment in the most effective and safe way for each event he manages. Clayton also stays on top of new equipment such as lighting and sound boards that become available. Often equipment becomes lighter and easier to move around. He embraces technology and changes in stage equipment. Clayton’s hard work ethic, willingness to embrace technology and equipment changes combined with his attention to detail has made him a highly sought after production manager.


The right tour manager can make or break any music tour. And for many musicians, one tour manager, in particular, has been the go-to person for tours big and small. That person, Clayton Hutson has brought success for many musicians for several decades.


When the frontman of Stained, Aaron Lewis, decided to go on a solo tour, he relied on the expertise of Clay Hutson to ensure that each tour stop went off without a hitch. More importantly, the artist relied on Mr. Hutson’s musical expertise to ensure the sound and engineering of the performance was top notch.


During the Arron Lewis tour, Mr. Hutson brought along the very first SD11 console on the road. The console was the first of its kind to go out on the road and was a great success. This equipment choice by Mr. Hutson is just one example of deep knowledge of musical engineering and mixing that the experienced tour manager usually brings to his clients. Learn more:


In addition to his work as a tour manager, Clay Hutson is also an accomplished live sound engineer. Working with the top artist from many different genres of music, Mr. Hutson has helped put together some of the most memorable performances of the past few decades. Mr. Hutson’s expertise includes production design, production management, rigging, stage management, logistics management, monitor engineering as well as live show production.


Clayton Hudson operates his own live event production company. The company has worked with many artists on a number of tours of all sizes and budgets. With a number of services available, Mr. Hudson’s live event production company has been a top choice for a number of artists.


Mr. Clayton is involved in every part of the live show process from the idea phase to the budgeting to the execution. As a creative tour manager and live event producer, Clayton Hutson knows the complicated challenges that can arise from any live show. And the tour manager always seems to have a solution that not only satisfies the artist’s vision but can be executed within the desired budget.


Some of the live show credit for Mr. Hutson include monitors, production manager, stage design and lighting design for the 2014 “Appetite for Democracy 3D: Live at the Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas” for the hard rock band Guns N’ Roses as well as monitor engineer for the 2005 “Bleed Like Me” tour for the alternative rock band Garbage.

How Clay Hutson Works for a Living

Not many people realize it because the phenomenal looks like a lot of fun, but getting big name pop stars on the road and their shows up and running is kind of hard work. When things go right, it means a huge amount of attention from a presumably large fan base, which creates a lot of buzz and a bit of friction. In the recent current events regarding pop stars on the road, a story worth mentioning is that of popstar sensation Halsey and manager Clay Hutson.


In more ways than one, Hutson does more than provide his services to his clientele. He comes to the rescue and saves the day over and over again. But really, that is just another day at the office for this manager. His past experiences include working for iconic figures such as Guns and Roses, Kelly Clarkson and Pink.


But, bringing together resources, expertise and experience to perform on a job well done for big name stars is nothing compared to doing the same thing in the name of big business itself. Hutson actually sees number of similarities between the two. And perhaps, this is part of the success that constitutes a large part of his reputation.


Just like the artist he represents, Hutson knows what it is to start something new and design a crowd-pleasing product from scratch. He also knows that the show must go on, and this includes times of feast and famine. However, there is a thing or two he knows about following instinct and seeing a good idea through no matter what happens.


Ultimately, he can tell you that this strategy is worth the accolades he sees with the industry. And of course he knows all about recovering from setbacks. Like many working professionals, Hutson knows that setbacks could be both personal and business in nature. Ultimately, he gives them all the same remedy. The answer to getting over setbacks is personal perseverance and constant contact with both colleagues and the situation that hand.


Ups and downs happen but they do not have an effect on his overall and long-term performance as a professional. That is what tour managers do. Naturally, when things go right the word on the grapevine is w26hat helps him get through good and bad times. That is to say a large part of Hutson’s business is through referrals. He just can not have a client be unsatisfied with his work. Learn more:


Alex Pall. Smoking DJ.

During an interview with Alex Pall just after the release of “Closer” he reveals how he and Andrew met and how all the “smoking” started. The reason for the interview is simple, The Chainsmokers are singing DJ’s and this is unique to their industry. Alex Pall says that he was getting too involved in dance music and wanted to do something different and unique. He was at an art studio and was introduced to Drew who was from Maine. He went back and quit his job and moved to New York and Alex quit his job and they “smoking” began.

They are very talented and were working with synths and techno styles but thought “Why not” and instead of using the usual songwriter and singer and did it themselves. Halsey added to the song brought her uniqueness to the song added another incredible artist to it.

The DJ duo also produced this song which another unusual trait for the today techno artist. They are bringing an exciting element to how the synth arena will be heading in the future by setting the bar high for quality sound and techno abilities but also a new twist with using their own vocals and talents to write, produce, play and sing.

Alex Pall is keeping up with social media and is learning who the Chainsmokers audience is. On one platform, he sees the 16-25 year old most. From the Philippines to South Africa. Alex is excited though that he gets videos of kids of all ages dancing and enjoying the music he puts together. He said even his mom was singing “Roses”. He says they make the music for themselves and find it exciting that everyone enjoys it as well.

As for live shows they are ever changing and with the last #Selfie success they only can hope to top that with another huge successful tour with a festival atmosphere live shows can only get bigger and bigger.

The Successful Life of Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson is a well-known tour manager who holds titles including FOH, Monitor Engineer, and day-to-day production manager. He is also recognized as a longtime user of DiGiCo products having used DiGiCo consoles in many tours that he has managed. Clayton owes his support and loyalty of DiGiCo consoles to an experience at a concert with Marilyn Manson where he used the console which proved to be reliable, efficient, and worked wonders during the entire gig. Learn more:

Clayton Hutson has so far managed successful tours and concerts in different venues ranging from casinos, churches, clubs, and sold-out shows. He is a hard worker who takes control of everything in his area of interest during the tour concerts that he manages. Clayton has the urge to deliver 100 percent to whoever he works for by ensuring he employs quality tools such as the DiGiCo consoles which he trusts to produce the best sound during the concerts.

Clayton Hutson has also taken part in the processes that involved the development of automated rigging systems including the Kinesys Elevation 1+ systems. During the process, his role as an automation operator involved giving expert advice about putting safety first for all during the design phase of the system. Clayton talked about the system being safe while doing the job and reliable while making movements.

Clayton is passionate about what he does making sure everything is in order before, during, and after the gigs he takes part in. He is also known to multi-tasks his roles as the FOH and the Monitor Engineer. Knowing what both the crowd and whoever he works for wants, he ensures things run smoothly and everything is perfect. Clayton also points out the existence of challenges of working with acoustic instruments during the gigs but doesn’t allow that to stop him from making the best sound either. He does what he can to deliver the best no matter what.

Clayton Hutson is undoubtedly one of the most dedicated tour managers in the world. Indeed, he is one of the finest if not the very finest of them all in the industry.

Clayton Hutson Makes Music Production and Sound Engineering Look Easy

Clayton Hutson is an exceptional live production manager and sound engineer. His team offers clients a turn-key solution that is also affordable. From idea creation to execution of the onsite event, his company is well-known for being the one place to shop for complete production needs. His services include managing events, producing music, production design, and show production. Additional services also include managing an event’s logistics and complete rigging.


One of Clayton Huston’s memorable projects was working with DiGiCo’s first SD11 console. The equipment made its debut with the rock group Staind, and Aaron Lewis who acted as frontman. The tour was a success with the help of Clayton Hutson. He wore a number of professional hats for this event that included FOH/Monitor engineer and production manager of day-to-day operations during the tour. Clayton knew about the SD11 and was eager to break it in during this tour.


Hutson has utilized just about every DiGiCo console there is in existence. He employed the SD7 on a Maxwell tour along with several SD8’s on other gigs. He has worked with the very best bands in the industry. The first D5, hand-built, was used on a Marilyn Manson tour. The tour was a success, considering the group’s unpredictability and the new console at the time.


For many in the industry, DiGiCo offers the best sonic combination of digital clarity and analogue smoothness in the business. For the company, expectations are large and continue to rise. Their consoles address every major application for sound engineering. The company’ consoles include mixing, application, broadcast, and theatre.


Clayton Hutson can trace his love for music back to his childhood days. After years of hard work, he turned his passion for music into a viable career. His resume includes having worked with Guns N’ Roses, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, and Garbage to name several. His passion is design, production, and engineering for the music industry. A typical day for people like Hutson revolves around performers, producers and others to determine the best sounds and rigging for production. With Huston’s reputation and experience, he will likely be in demand for years to come. Learn more: