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Alex Pall One Half of the Chainsmokers

Alex Pall is a part of the DJ/Production duo known as the Chainsmokers. In May of 2016 the Chainsmokers released their song “Closer”, the song features Halsey. Unlike their song “Roses”, which put them in the top 10, “Closer” has Andrew Taggart singing. Andrew Taggart is the other half of the Chainsmokers. An artist singing on their own works of art is not uncommon, normally. For the Chainsmokers however it’s very different. They usually rely on songwriters and vocalists to add the human element to their awesomely crafted electronic sounds. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are working to reveal themselves more to their fans.

Alex Pall grew up DJing. It was a hobby of his that he was enthusiastic about. When in New York City Pall was DJing as side work. It was side work he was very passionate about. He says it is scary pursuing something in the city and have it feel more like fun than a job. He was working with their manager at this time, who introduced him to Taggart. Pall quit his job and Taggart moved down from Maine and there is your creative duo the Chainsmokers.

When Pall was asked why they started singing with their electronic creations, he simply says “Well, why not?”. It is different to see a DJ duo singing on their own songs. Especially when it comes to their real lives. Pall says it is because these people do not write their own lyrics. The Chainsmokers do work with songwriters, but they are right there with them creating the magic. On some songs it is all Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Other songs the duo is just ushering and guiding it. Pall says that the Chainsmokers want to release an album, with songs that go together. Songs about them, and who they are.

Chainsmokers Now Appeal to Audiences Outside of the U.S. and the U.K.

The Chainsmokers have been around since 2012 and they have created some hit songs during their short time in the industry. This group consist of two DJs from New York City. Most of the music that they have made in the past was designed to reach mainstream audiences. Their former blend of EDM and pop music created big hits such as Paris, Closer and Don’t Let Me Down featuring Daya. Currently, the group has moved toward a darker sound and a darker outlook.

Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers stated that the group had to start creating a different type of sound. He said that their old sound was extremely identical to the music that everyone is making. They wanted to move away from the upbeat, love and party lyrics they were used to doing. Now, they wanted to dabble into the darker side of existence. Pall stated that this new move was important for the group because they had to expand their sound and style.

Most American audiences are not drawn to dark music. They want up tempo party sounds that will keep them dancing and feeling good. The Chainsmokers new sound no longer fits that mode. When the group debut their song Sick Boy for American audiences it peaked to the 35th position on the Billboard 100 charts. From their it fell. The song did not get close to the top 10 which is a very important position for any song.

However, the song did break the top 10 in places such as Slovakia, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Finland. The song actually reached the number 1 spot in the Czech Republic and Germany’s Dance music. In other words, the song did well enough to go gold and it gained great commercial success in nations where dark music is the norm.

Sick Boy is a successful tune. Just because it does not appeal to many American and U.K. audiences does not mean that it has failed. The Chainsmokers fanbase expands well beyond America’s and Britain’s borders. Many die hard American Chainsmokers fans did like the song. The Chainsmokers have not disappointed them at all with their new sound.

Desiree Perez – A Powerful Force in the Music Industry

Long gone are the days where a woman wanting to get into the music industry had to be a performer or go home. Some of the most powerful women behind the scenes in the music industry are now women. Record labels such as Interscope, Atlantic, and Warner Bros. have women in prominent leadership roles. The winner of Billboard’s Executive of the Year award was Julie Greenwald the Chairman and COO of Atlantic Records.

Desiree Perez, who prefers to be called Des, is one such powerful executive in the entertainment and music world. Des is the COO of Roc Nation Records, a record label that was founded by Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter in 2008. Des has been an associate of Carter’s for nearly 20 years and she has handled jobs in a variety of Carter’s ventures.

Most recently, Desiree Perez was able to create a relationship between Sprint and Roc Nation. With her revered negotiation skills, she convinced Sprint to invest 200 million dollars in Roc Nation’s music streaming service, Tidal. Coming from the deal was an arrangement to offer free downloads of Jay-Z’s albums to customers of Sprint. This deal and similar deals have resulted in Jay-Z’s last two albums “Magna Carta Holy Grail” and “4:44” going platinum before they were even released on store shelves and app stores.

Perez’s efforts at Roc Nation are not only limited to marketing and promoting Jay-Z. Perez has worked with many different artists who are signed to Roc Nation and Roc Nation imprints. Perez is partially responsible for the success of Roc Nation artists like Kanye West, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Big Sean.

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Elton John Is Back With His Iconic Hits On YouTube

Bernie Taupin and Elton John are one of the most acclaimed songwriting teams of all time. They have been working with YouTube in regards to a new global competition. The competition is looking for the three most iconic of their hits from the early 1970’s. These hits are Tiny Dancer, Bennie and the Jets and Rocket Man. The winning submissions were revealed by the pair at the Cannes Film Festival. This marked the duo’s 50th anniversary of their partnership in music.

Elton John admitted to being both amazed and moved by the videos presented and the overall process. He feels creativities future has become collaborative and fuses technology with art. He thinks the ability to open up his work and be able to share it with the creative talents of the next generation is fantastic. The process giving him the ability to have his work viewed all over the world on YouTube was responsible for a large portion of his amazement. For additional information on Elton John please visit

The animated clip of Rocket Man by Majid Adin was brilliant. It highlighted the lyrics based on a lonely astronaut with stunning and visually captivating precision. The visual tale draws on Adin’s past when he was a refugee from Iran on his way to England. He was a graduate of fine arts and animation production and had made a journey through Europe. This was during the time of the refugee crisis in 2015 and some of his time was spent in a camp in the Calais Jungle before the United Kingdom granted him asylum. The words of Bernie Taupin become melancholy in this particular setting and the line about how it has been a long, long time repeating draws attention to the uncertainty of his future. The animated clip was a definite success.

Sisqo Returns With Smash Hit

Art is the ability to take a thought, concept or feeling and express it in a manner that is possible for people of all backgrounds to relate to. Reading this MTV article about the new thong song remix would show you that art is something which constantly evolves and manages to stay relevant to society. It is often extremely easy for artists to get left behind with the times, but this is not the case with the Thong Song by Sisqo. Instead, it is known as a cult favorite that people rely on to show their love to the female body. If you love butts, this song has you covered by offering a tasteful way to express that love. The Thong Song became a smash hit and Billboard chart topper in the year 1999, but it refuses to be left in the dust. Instead, Sisqo has just released a newly remixed version for 2017 that is well worth listening to. If you are asking yourself why now?

Sisqo waited 18 years to release a song that reminded fans of his smash hit song and the time is now to offer a new take on the ode to revealing underwear. The difference in this new version would be a tropical feel and faster beat that lends to a track which feels like it is just being released for the first time. If you love thongs, you will even enjoy the video. A great video should not just help you to understand the song, but it should serve as a companion to the music that gets you more interested in playing the song on repeat. The good news is that the new Thong Song video does all of these things as so much more. It might be 2017, but it’s starting to feel like 1999 all over again.

Sisqo Offers Thong Song Remix in 2017

If you are short on time or attention, you may have missed the MTV article discussing the newly released remix of the thong song by Sisqo. However, if you are a fan of Sisqo or Dru Hill, your time would be well spent reading through the article with the extra minutes of your break at work. If you are like most people that follow music, you probably have not listened to a Sisqo song since the year 1999. If you have tuned out the singer for the last 18 years, you may not remember just how big the Thong Song became. However, it was one of the most popular songs of the year and considered by many to be the biggest hit that he has ever experienced. In fact, it is possible that you will run into many people that know nothing of Sisqo prior to his release of the Thong Song. These people will often tell you that he is an example of an artist that is a one hit wonder who struck gold with that track. If you are a more experienced music fan, you probably know that Sisquo experienced a large amount of success as part of the group Dru Hill. While serving as the frontman for Dru Hill, he was instrumental in helping the group sell millions of records thanks to songs like Sleeping In My Bed. There are many Dru Hill songs that are considered by fans to be timeless dedications to love that will offer relevant concepts for generations to come. Now we can add one more song to that list with the newly released Thong Song 2017 remix. Take in the Thong Song and tap into your love for the natural look of a woman’s body once again with this summer chart topper.

Phil Collins Cancels London Concerts After Hotel Fall

The legendary music career of Phil Collins has continued to evolve for more than four decades, beginning with his tenure with Genesis and continuing through a strong solo career. However, the 66-year-old singer-songwriter’s health is currently on the mend after he suffered what was described as a severe gash near his eye after he fell late Wednesday night.


Collins arose in the middle of the night in a hotel room to use the bathroom when he fell, with his head striking a nearby chair. The injury was severe enough for him to be briefly hospitalized and forced him to postpone scheduled concerts at Royal Albert Hall in London on both June 8 and 9.


Collins’ staff attributed the fall to a condition that afflicts Collins known as drop foot. The health problem is a complication of back surgery that left him with problems when it came to walking.


The postponement of the concerts was announced by Collins’ staff on the day of the first concert, with the two performances rescheduled for November 26 and 27. His staff made an effort to convey Collins’ regret in being forced to postpone the concerts.


Collins recently returned to performing in concert after being away for the last decade and will continue his tour of Europe on June 11, when he performs in Cologne. Following that concert, he’ll perform in Paris before again returning to London to play Hyde Park on June 30.


During Collins’ time away in what he had described as a retirement, he took time to release his autobiography. The book explored the rise of Genesis and the subsequent spawning of the solo career and the toll that constant touring and fame had taken on Collins’ family life.


That toll had included multiple failed marriages, substance abuse issues involving alcohol and a fractured relationship with his daughter, Lily. In the latter case, Lily Collins has carved out a prominent career of her own as an actress.


Donald “Childish Gambino” Glover Retires from Music

Rapper Childish Gambino shocked the crowd at his recent Governor’s Ball Music Festival performance by casually announcing his retirement from the hip-hop scene. The musician and actor, better known to some by his real name, Donald Glover, closed the show by telling the audience “You’re in my heart. I’ll see you for the last Gambino album.”


Glover confirmed the news at a promotional event for his two-time Golden Globe winning FX series, Atlanta. The actor and musician told the Huffington Post that he no longer felt his music career was “necessary.”


Glover’s rap persona was never meant to dominate his career. During a 2015 appearance on the Today show, he said, “I want to have periods in my life. I feel like Childish Gambino is a period that should come to a close. I like endings.” This also isn’t the first time Glover has shocked fans by suddenly walking away from a project. The actor famously retired from his lead role on the hit NBC comedy series Community during its fifth season, citing a desire to pursue work that offered him more independence and creative freedom.


Glover’s most recent album, the gold certified, Awaken, My Love!, marked a huge genre shift for the musician. Unlike his previous, largely rap-dominated releases, Awaken experimented with gospel, psychedelic rock, and funk. The album’s success may have played a part in Glover’s choice to retire from music. He told the Huffington Post “There’s only so far you can go before you just are the radio.”


Fortunately, while Glover’s rap stint is coming to a close, he still has a lively acting career. In addition to Atlanta, the actor is cast in the as-yet untitled Han Solo movie as the legendary Lando Calrissian. He is set to enter the Marvel Extended Universe franchise with an undisclosed role in 2017’s Spider-man: Homecoming. Donald will also be starring as Simba in the 2019 live-action remake of Disney’s classic, The Lion King.


Given the demands of his acting career, it’s understandable that he’d decide to step away from music. There’s also the possibility Glover could resurrect his Gambino persona eventually. Glover told the Huffington Post “You know, I like it when something’s good and when it comes back there’s a reason to come back, there’s a reason to do that.” His roles in the upcoming Star Wars film and Lion King remake show that he’s not adverse to projects that build on franchises fans assume had finished.


Singer Phil Collins Performances Rescheduled After Injury

Singer Phil Collins experienced a slip-and-fall injury that has altered his touring schedule. The 66-year old rock musician, known for the band “Genesis,” slipped in the bathroom and seriously injured his head. Collins’ press and management team gave a statement about the situation and how it will affect his fans.


The statement commented on how Collins experienced difficulty walking due from a case of “foot drop” incurred from having an operation performed on his back. Collins had slipped in his bathroom and hit his head against a chair hard enough to open up a gash near his ocular cavity and necessitating stitches. While Collins seems to be recovering well, he was kept under 24-hour observation. The medical shake-up was sufficient to force Collins to change a pair of Royal Albert Hall performances from June 8 and 9 to some time in late November. Collins apologized to his fans and thanked them for the warm reception during his first performance in a decade.


While the Royal Albert Hall performances were rescheduled for November, Collins’ “Not Dead Yet (Live)” tour is set to perform in Cologne, Germany’s Lanxess Arena on June 11th. Additionally, Collins will return to London for a June 30th concert to be held outdoors in Hyde Park. Tickets for the June 8th Royal Albert Hall performance will be honored on November 26th and the June 9th performance will be honored on November 27th.


Foot drop is a condition that results in the shortening of one leg, usually due to stroke, issues with the sciatic nerve, issues with the musculature of the rear lower leg, certain diseases, toxins or as a side effect from reconstructive work along the knee or hip region. Depending on the severity of the condition, foot drop can be temporary or an on-going ailment. The most notable issue with the condition is that the person may either have difficulty or an inability to lift his toes or foot below the ankle.