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Talkspace: Help Is Out There

For someone that is going through a mental health crisis, they need to act immediately. The longer they wait in this type of situation, the harder it is going to be for them. That is why Talkspace is saving a ton of lives out there, lives that would have otherwise been ignored and overlooked by other places. When it comes to therapy, it all boils down to money for most places. If someone is suffering and in a lot of pain, they will still not see them or offer to help them. That is a rather crude and heartless approach to therapy especially when someone is crying out for help.

Talkspace is affordable and it can be done over the phone, which takes transportation out of the equation, which is what keeps a lot of people from going to therapy. They don’t have a way to get downtown and there are often long waiting lists to even see someone. Talkspace makes everyone a priority and they truly care about their clients. It is why this app was created. It was created for people to get a chance at therapy and a chance at a better life. There is no reason why anyone should have to suffer.

With mental illness, people might not be able to see it, but it is out there and it exists. That is why people are oftentimes afraid to come out with their mental illness. They are afraid that people are going to judge them and not take them seriously. With Talkspace, that will no longer be a problem for them. They have over 1,000 professionals that are ready to help at a moment’s notice. The price is also a big bonus, as the text plan costs only 32 dollars a week. It is nice for people to know someone out there cares.