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Igor Cornelsen Investment Insights

Known for his in-depth knowledge with strategic investment in Brazil, Igor Cornelsen has established his name in this lucrative industry. Know for spending much of his time on the golf course, Igor Cornelsen still enjoys bequeathing his knowledge to young investment strategists.

Out side of golf, he spends his time being the proprietor of BrainBridge Investment Inc. Through this group, Cornelsen has provided invaluable investment strategy knowledge to his clients.

Igor Cornelsen started his career with different Brazilian banking companies until he decided his real passion was in the field of strategic investment. His unique approach of telling clients to invest in “broken stock” made him stand out amongst his competitors.

He believed that broken stock, which represented struggling companies, had significant long term potential and low up front costs. His strategies have been tested and proven to be effective in the Brazilian market.

When the Brazilian market collapsed, Igor Cornelson’s didn’t suffer the same fate as the market. His investments allowed him to continue to succeed despite the hazards of the market.

In order to succeed Cornelsen stands by three pillars of success. First, understand the number of investors that are located in your field. The uninformed investor won’t find it difficult to fail in the Brazilian market. Second, understand Brazil’s trade partners.

What happens in China, Brazils biggest trading partner, may have a significant impact on Brazils industries. Third, make sure you understand how Brazils currency varies with other currencies.

This knowledge is essential because it allows investors to fully understand the value of a foreign investment in terms of Brazils currency. Read more: Igor Cornelsen gives you the basics on Brazilian banking

Another tip Cornelson suggest is networking. Immersing yourself in the culture and people of Brazil will help you gain invaluable knowledge about the Brazilian business culture. This practice will help mitigate your chances of failure in the future.