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How Was Superman Resurrected in the Snyder Cut?

Months have passed since Justice League first came out, and fans were able to see how much of it was altered after Zack Snyder was replaced by Joss Whedon as director. In particular, it looks as if just about every scene with Superman was changed, as evidenced by Henry Cavill’s weird CGI mouth. This all leads to the question, how was Superman going to be resurrected in Snyder’s version of the story?

In the film, Batman suggests bringing the Man of Steel back to life, and the League uses a Mother Box to do so. According to a clip released by Snyder on social media, it seem as if all of the League go together to dig up his body; in the theatrical version, we only see Cyborg and the Flash, who have a brief conversation about their origin stories (and realizing that they are both “accidents”) as they dig him up.

While the method of resurrection seems to have been the same in Snyder’s version, it was expanded on: here, it was Cyborg (himself having been fused with a Mother Box) that notes the possibility of doing so, as he has been learning more about the MacGuffins’ abilities. Also, Cyborg had another “Knightmare” showing a dystopian future with evil Superman. Cutting this may well have been a good idea, if only to avoid seeming repetitive and making the audience wonder why the League was continuing down such a dangerous path. On the other hand, the fact that the final cut does not even allude to Batman’s dream from Dawn of Justice just makes the sequence seem all the more random.

Beyond that, if looks as if things proceeding much the same: Superman came back crazy (with some minor dialogue changes during the fight) but gets redeemed by Lois. There likely also would have been more scenes of him getting sane and getting his costume, but those were cut for time.

Cyborg and Aquaman Get Posters Ahead of Blu-Ray Release

As Justice League gears up for release on home media, the movie’s official Instagram account has released movie posters for Aquaman (played by Jason Momoa) and Cyborg (played by Ray Fisher).

The Justice League Blu-Ray is being released on March 13, 2019, only a few months after its theatrical release last November. This may be because the film barely made back its $300 million budget; Warner Bros. may be hoping to hype up its home releases in order to make back its money and get the DC Extended Universe franchise back on track.

The posters both use a minimalist design where a silhouette of the character contains a visually interesting picture. In Aquaman’s, the King of the Sea can be seen standing waist-deep in the water at night, with sea and sky both bathed in a pretty but eerie green. Cyborg’s strikes a similar somber mood, but uses purple in what seems to be a wrecked city, with the shape of Parademons (monstrous minions of the villain Steppenwolf) flying in to attack him.

Compared to co-stars Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Flash, these two Leaguers are less well-known. Momoa’s portrayal of Aquaman was seen by many as a standout performance of a somewhat jerkish but fun character who has fun fighting against evil. Fisher’s Cyborg is somewhat more divisive—some note that he seems oddly somber compared to his boisterous comic book and cartoon counterpart—but nevertheless earned fans.

Aside from hyping up the Justice League Blu-Ray release, Aquaman’s poster could be seen as an endorsement for his upcoming solo film, which will be released on December 21 of this year. Cyborg is a bit of a mystery, however; his film has been announced, but seems to be off its upcoming slate.

Is a Snyder Cut of “Justice League” Possible?

Is it even possible for Warner Bros. to release a “Snyder cut” of Justice League? While many sources have said no, one Reddit rumor says that there is one already mostly made.

The statement is hard to verify—Reddit users have started many false rumors—but according to an account called DC_Cinematic, a cut of director Zack Snyder’s original vision exists in an “unfinished but notable state.” The account called it “a rough version that had a lot of finished FX and music.”

If this is true, it would be atypical. Due to the untimely death of his daughter, Zack Snyder exited the filming of Justice League before the films many reshoots began, and most reports say that there was not a coherent cut at this point.

It is evident that Joss Whedon, the uncredited replacement director, made many changes—this much is evident by the number of trailer scenes that were missing from the movie, and from Henry Cavill’s lip. (During the reshoots he had a mustache which was digitally removed, as he was contractually required to keep it for Mission: Impossible 6.)

Snyder’s previous DC Extended Universe films, Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice were divisive at best, and Warner Bros. clearly was hoping that Whedon, a director with more mainstream appeal, could fix that problem. Instead the film wound up a strange hodgepodge of the two directors’ very different styles, and many blame Whedon for corrupting Snyder’s vision.

Snyder himself always intended to do reshoots, but it is not clear if he wanted to do as many as Whedon wound up doing. It is also hard to say how much was Whedon’s own decision versus executive demands. In any event, it is unknown if Snyder would even want to do a director’s cut; he seems to have accepted that the DCEU is now out of his hands.