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James Gunn Squashes MCU Rumors

The Marvel Cinematic Universe changes after Avengers 4. This news is hardly new. The creative and executive teams behind the success of the films always noted plans entailed replacing the classic heroes with newer ones. Ant-Man, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, and others move up the ladder while Thor, Iron Man, Captain American, and The Hulk are deemphasized.

James Gunn, the man responsible for the wild success of The Guardians of the Galaxy films, recently spoke out on rumors about a total reboot of the MCU. Gunn pretty much squashed the rumors. Per Gunn’s Twitter account, the director stated the rumors are “Not true” and “Guardians…will continue on.”

Gunn’s beloved Guardians of the Galaxy team will get a cameo in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movie. So, he does have an inside track on these things. Gunn’s sequel to the original Guardians looks like it will greatly perform better than the hyped Spider-Man: Homecoming. Gunn might not maintain decision making power over the various different franchises, but he is a major name on the creative end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Consider Gunn a very credible source on the matter.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to look a lot different in the near future. Whether the “B level” characters can replace the most legendary ones remains to be seen. As long as Guardians of the Galaxy continues to sell tremendous amounts of tickets, the space opera team will play a large part in the MCU’s plans. Gunn then remains a vitally important creative person in the Disney/Marvel Studios mix.

Gunn’s talents could transfer from The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise as well. If one of the B-level heroes needs a better direction, Gunn positively could lend a credible assist.

Will this have to occur? Anything remains possible.