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Adam Milstein Talks About The Values Jews Must Pass On To Their Kids

Adam Milstein believes that teaching the younger Jewish generation the history, culture, and tradition of Judaism is of paramount importance. This will help enable the continuation of the Jewish culture and tradition, and it will strengthen the Jewish community. Jews are a minority in every country but Israel. They also face great assimilation threats that threaten to wipe away their culture and tradition forever.

Perhaps the most important reasons to teach the younger generation Jewish values, culture, and tradition is to empower them and make them feel connected to their historic homeland says, Adam Milstein. Jews face growing antisemitism in the United States and Israel. Knowing their history will only make them more resilient in the face of new dangers and hatred.

Adam Milstein recently described the gifts that adult Jews could give to their children for the New Year. He says the gifts involve more than gelt which is money or candy for the holidays. Mr. Milstein says that we must teach our kids the Jewish values that made the Jewish people one of the most successful groups in history despite overwhelming tragedies and discrimination such as the Holocaust and pogroms.

One of the values that Jewish kids must grow up with is pride says, Adam Milstein. There is an incredible amount of antisemitism in the world. When a person has pride in their background, he is better able to resist antisemitism, harassment, and bullying. Pride is a value that is especially important for children, teen and young adults of Jewish background.

Courage is another value that the Jewish people must always have. Discrimination and the threat of mass murder meant that Jews had to be courageous just to survive. Having courage will allow the Jewish people to continue thriving despite the ongoing threats they face from rogue nations such as Iran, neo-Nazis and Islamic terrorists.

Jews have long been stereotyped as being very persistent and even stubborn. The persistence has helped Jews break into the top of the scientific, legal, political, financial and entertainment fields. Jews must be taught to be persistent and not give in to the face of struggle, obstacles or discrimination.

Michael Hagele Stays Busy Throughout The Day

Michael Hagele works hard to provide technology companies with counsel at an affordable cost. He set up his practice so that he could provide those who were in need of his help with a way of getting that. He is someone who starts each day by reviewing the tasks that he has to get done that day, and then he gets to work and helps those companies that have turned to him for representation. He takes on general matters and intellectual property issues early in the day, helping those companies that need his assistance. He moves on to create contracts and handle that type of work. He stays busy throughout the day, supporting those clients who turn to him for help.

Exercise and putting his clients first are two of the things that Michael Hagele focuses on as he works to be successful. He has many jobs that he must undertake to push his career forward, and he is careful to focus on those things that matter most as he handles those jobs. He is someone who needs to exercise to clear his head, and he tries to make time to get out and exercise every day. He feels that the time that he spends exercising is beneficial to him. He is someone who knows that he must value every client he works with, and he is careful to put them before all else. He knows that his clients deserve to be treated as number one in all that he is doing.

Michael Hagele understands the place that social media has in the world today and he uses it to his benefit. He is someone who uses social media to connect with others and bring about business opportunities. He has found it to be an important tool in the work that he does and in finding new clients to represent. He is active on Facebook and Twitter. He has an account on LinkedIn. He is someone who uses social media to help him get ahead, but he is also someone who tries not to use it too much. Check more:


Igor Cornelsen: Brilliant Investor Shares His Secrets

Igor Cornelsen is known for his smart financial sense, especially as it relates to investing in the stock market. At one time Igor managed a massive percentage of Brazil’s entire gross economy. He built his success on the understanding that investments are a lifelong commitment that you need to be committed to like you are committed to your career. He is a big advocate of spreading your money out over several companies instead of placing all of your eggs in one basket. Going after the “hot” company is not advised. Instead, look for companies that have had consistent long term success. He advises people to steer clear of “broken companies” and stick with success and reputation.

He currently works for Bainbridge Investments, Inc. which is located in the Bahamas but spends most of his time these days in southern Florida enjoying his golfing hobby. He is also involved in a lot of consulting work focusing on helping investors make smart, long-term investments. He’s a strong supporter of the phrase “There’s No Such Thing as Free Money” and stresses the fact that this type of investing is not a get rich quick scheme. Currently, his focus is on the Brazilian market and he encourages others seeking advice to consider Brazil as well.

Igor Cornelsen advises busy investors regarding Brazilian stocks by coaching them with the basics of the financial market in Brazil and provides three key tips on how to deal with the challenges of investing in Brazil.

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Igor Cornelsen – JusBrasil

First, he encourages people to network. Connecting with the locals can lead to valuable insight. Brazil has many eager entrepreneurs that are fairly social in nature and love to share their successes and challenges.

Finally, he stresses the importance of understanding foreign currency restrictions. It is required that you use an authorized financial institution for currency transactions. There is also not a single exchange rate but will vary based on the transaction. All of the rules and regulations can be tough to navigate but he explains that’s what makes the payoff even greater in the end.

Igor Cornelsen’s philosophies are not complex. Focus on investments long-term. Knowledge is king; do your homework on the companies and countries you are looking to invest in. Don’t be afraid to invest somewhere new but be prepared to understand the challenges. Finally, be diverse. Spreading your money out will be the most beneficial to long term success.

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