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Investing made simple by Agora

If you are anything like me, you love the thought of investing and having your money work for you. However, many people do not like the idea of this. They do not like the idea of putting their hard earned money on the line which is totally understandable. This is why Agora Financial can be so beneficial. At Agora, they have people who will help you reach your investing and financial goals. There are basics to investing that everybody looking to get into the markets must know. We are going to be going over these things in today’s article.

  1. Know your investment

The reason that most people fear investing is that they don’t really have a full understanding of what they are investing in. In other words, they are gambling in a way. Three rules that I go by are don’t invest in what you don’t understand, don’t invest based on other people’s opinions, and have a plan when it comes to your investment strategy. It really is that simple. You just have to find the vehicle that will help you grow your money. Also, set investment goals. Write down how much you want to invest in a given month, how much do you want that money to grow, and how are you going to grow it

  1. Control it

One of the biggest mistakes one could do is give up control over their hard earned money to some “adviser”. I’d recommend learning how to invest on your own whether that be in swing trading or just investing in good long-term growth stock mutual funds. You can open up your own brokerage account and it is very simple. You can go with a professional financial advisor if you want. Just do your due diligence before doing so.

  1. Grow it

Once you have found a strategy that works and fits into your lifestyle, stick with it. Whether it is putting money into a Roth IRA that will compound and grow tax-free or if it’s swing trading stocks, have a plan to grow your money. In the end, you’ll be thanking yourself once retirement comes along.

Fortress Investment Group: Leading pioneer in the investment sector

Fortress Investment Group: Leading pioneer in the investment sector. Fortress Investment Group LLC is a renowned international investment manager. As of the end of 2017, the total number of assets that were managed by the corporation was evaluated financially to be in the proximity of 43.6 million U.S. dollars. Its client base includes private investors as well as corporations or institutions. The assets handled include private equity, real estate management and capital investments. The corporation has a total of 953 employed personnel. The company is headquartered in New York City with various branches all over the world. The company was launched in the year 1998, and its sole purpose was handling private equity investments. Its governing body includes Peter L. Briger, Jr who is the Co-CEO and Principal and is based in San Francisco. Wesley R. Edens who is a founding member and a Co-CEO, he I based in New York. The last principle is Randal A. Nardone who is the Co-Founder and is also based in New York.

The company specialises entirely in investments of assets of all types. The expertise of the company’s assets includes: pricing of the assets, owning as well as financing and managing the assets. The said assets are both physical as well as financial assets. It has an expert team with specific specialisations towards their goal and a healthy relationship with globally known institutions and individuals. The company has a vast experience in acquiring a lower cost of investments with a small risk.SoftBank Group Corporation headquartered in Japan completed the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group LLC. The agreed buy out was a 3.3 billion U.S dollars which were paid for in cash. This meant that SoftBank had full ownership of all shares of the company. The announcement was made after every legal matter were completed and had full approval of the deal by the company’s shareholders. This also includes receipts of all adoptions. This merger was finalised in 2017 in December.

The outcome of this transaction implied that every Class A share of Fortress Investment Group was changed to a receivership of 8.08 US dollars. The merger of the two companies also outlined the process by which payments were to be made. The Proxy of the company entirely indicated this.The merger of Fortress Investment Group and SoftBank Group Corporation meant that the acquisition company would stop being publicly traded and hence would be delisted from the New York Stock Exchange. This also implies that the financial statements of Fortress were now reflected the financial statements of SoftBank.The merger also implies that Fortress Investment Group will run its operations as a privatised business for SoftBank with its headquarters still in New York. The governing board would still be running the company as they are an intricate part of the company’s success.Fortress Investment played a significant role in the construction of the CAD athlete’s village in Vancouver over the 2010 Winter Olympics. The company was the principal investor in the project in British Colombia. It also had an acquisition for Intrawest in the year 2006.

The Stansberry Research Provides Insight on the Melt Up

The renowned financial and investment advisor Mr. Steve Sjuggerud is a dedicated editor at True Wealth. For those who avidly read the Stansberry Research column, it is evident that this editor is a major contributor. Therefore, all too often, people read from him because he has a lot of insight to provide in regard to wealth creation and financial investments. On the recent column for example, Steve Sjuggerud offers a lot of vital information that every investor should look into.



While speaking to a group of investors in the New York Stock Exchange meeting, Steve Sjuggerud was referred to as Mr. Melt Up, a title he refers to as respectful. Of course, Steve has been the head cheerleader of the Melt Up, always trying to make people understand that how it works and how it will affect the future of stock market. Since 2009, Sjuggerud has insisted that the Melt Up will be the biggest push in terms of increasing stocks. And now, everyone has delved into the business of monitoring the Melt Up.


The Melt Up

While most investors are waiting for the bull to succumb to the Melt Up, Mr. Sjuggerud insists that stocks are caught up in the Melt Up. Therefore, the bull market is somewhat here to stay for a while. Moreover, Steve Sjuggerud believes that investors are in their last innings of en emerging Melt Up. Consequently, he has been urging his avid readers to utilize this moment and capitalize on stock markets before the opportunity elapses.

Furthermore, Steve Sjuggerud explains that there is a new trend he never foresaw. However, he has not given on this new trend but insists that he will share in time.


Describing Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research is a virtual publication company that offers investors with critical information regarding business, investment and market shifts. All too often, Stansberry Research strives to provide its clients with the right information. All this is entirely in the light of publishing information from qualified analysts whose qualifications cannot be matched by any means. Additional services provided by Stansberry Research include portfolio and capital management.