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‘The Greatest Showman’ Starring Hugh Jackman Is a Hit

Hugh Jackman has been a big star for a very long time. He has many hit movies to his credit. However, “The Greatest Showman” is certain to be one of the most successful films of his career when all is said and done. The movie is a musical that tells the life story of the legendary circus creator P.T. Barnum. The movie is very unique because it was been able to keep making money for a very long time. The film came out way back in December. Most films do not last 10 weeks in the theaters. However, “The Greatest Showman” earned $3.5 million in its 10th week of release. This brings its total in the United States to a very impressive $170 million.

Nobody in the movie industry expected this film to have this sort of staying power. It has been a pleasant surprise for everyone involved. Hugh Jackman is no stranger to musicals. He also starred in a film adaptation of “Les Miserables” that was also a big hit. “The Greatest Showman” has proven to be a big hit with both men and women. Jackman has always been an actor who has appealed to both male and female audiences in whatever movie he happened to be starring in. The reason that this film has continued to attract audiences 10 weeks after it was released is a mystery to people who work in the movie industry. There does not seem to be any formula to explain why films like this have staying power.

“The Greatest Showman” has been a passion project for Jackman. It was in development for quite some time. However, a lack of financing preventing it from being made several years ago. Jackman attaching his name to the project made several investors come forward to finance the project.