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Dr. Mark Mofid and his role in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Based in San Diego, California, Dr. Mark Mofid is an accomplished plastic surgeon. He is certified by the American board of reconstructive surgery and the American board of facial surgery.

Dr. Mark Mofid’s rich experience and immense dedication make him one of the most reputed surgeons in California. He has an unusual educational background having attended prestigious institutions.

Dr. Mark Mofid obtained his undergraduate degree in Medicine from the Harvard University. He was later honored with an advanced craniofacial research fellowship from the John Hopkins University.

Dr. Mark Mofid specializes in facial and body reconstructive surgery. He has successfully done buttock augmentation and breast reconstruction following skin cancer removal in the past. He also owns a Cutera laser for vein treatments and hair removal.

He established a platform that nurtures individuals to become plastic surgeons and dermatologists. He dedicates them to at most four years of practice. On completion, some of the practitioners remain to work in the facility while many others go to work in medical centers as nurse practitioners.

He owns an outpatient medical center in San Diego. The facility is equipped with highly skilled and dedicated surgeons that aid patients through the surgical operation and the recovery process.

He is married to a dermatologist wife who helps him to perform skin surgery on patients. Most of the clients that visit his facility seek cosmetic, reconstructive and dermatology services.

He launched a low profile Round Gluteal Implant that helps patients to have a more natural outlook after surgery. This is one of the best innovations of Dr.Mark Mofid in his career.

His commitment and passion for medicine make him one of the best in the field. His clients and colleagues highly respect him. Dr. Mark Mofid currently works in the clinical facility at the University of California, a plastic surgeon at the Sharp Chula Medical Centre, and a surgeon at the Escondido based Palomar Medical facility.

He has written and published several articles on facial surgery and body reconstruction surgery. Most of his work has been featured in many medical journals including the global Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal.


Waiakea Water: Better than the Tap.

Founded in 2012 by CEO Ryan Emmons Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is a safe, clean and healthy alternative to tap water, or even most other bottled water.

Using a family-owned water source on the big Island of Hawaii, Emmons first had the idea of bottling the water on his uncles land at the base of Mauna Loa as a young man. After finishing college he followed through on the idea and founded Waiakea.

On Mauna Loa- the second largest volcano on Earth- it rains nearly every day. The volcano is one of the rainiest places to be found on Earth making it a perfect source of fresh water. The water itself is filtered through 14K feet of volcanic rock which naturally filters the water and removes the acidic compounds while adding minerals to the water supply.

Acidity in liquids consumed, including water, can lead to health problems. Most sodas are extremely acidic. Acidity is measured by the pH scale: The higher the number the less acidic compounds in the water. Soda usuallt comes in between 2.5 and 3.5 on this scale, making it as acidic as vinegar. Waiakea has a pH of 8.2, which is decisively non-acidic, or alkaline. Most bottled water is under 7, which is considered neutral.

Alkaline waters such as Waiakea can help with acid re-flux & other stomach acid issues by providing a neutralizing presence in the stomach. It is also easier for the body to absorb hydration from alkaline water as opposed to acidic water. Waiakea also contains more than a full days worth of silica, a compound that helps maintain cognitive function as the body ages.

Waiakea is also deeply concerned about and involved with fighting climate change. They use recycled plastic for their bottles which results in 90% less water use to produce packaging for their water than most companies. They have been certified CarbonNeutral and made it to the top of “10 Best Waters” list in 2015. They also have programs that help bring water to drought areas, participates in reforestation programs and uses only low emission companies for shipping their products.

Drinking Organo Gold Coffees could make you live longer

The Annals of Internal Medicine recently published the findings two new studies that found that habitual drinking of coffee could actually be linked to a lowered risk of death resulting from a myriad of diseases such as strokes and heart diseases. For several years now, a number of scientists have been researching on what exactly are the health benefits and shortcomings (if any) of drinking coffee for a prolonged period of time and therefore this is not the first time coffee drinkers are reading such headlines. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

More than 185,000 people from the Americas drawn from a cross-section of society including the Japanese Americans, Latinos, African Americans and even Whites alike were examined by one of the studies. The study found these individuals, whether they indulge themselves with decaffeinated of caffeinated coffee, they were at a lesser risk of dying from lifestyle diseases like cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease or even kidney disease.

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The researchers also found out that, the subjects who took at least two to three cups of coffee each day decreased their risk of death by up to 18% when compared to fellow folks who did not take coffee for the 16 years that the study took place.

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The other study was carried out in Europe where over 520,000 individuals were drawn from across 10 different countries and their findings were strikingly similar. The study also came to the conclusion that the people who drank a number of cups of coffee each day had a reduced chance of death when put head to head with the people who did not drink coffee.

About Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a network marketing organization with operations all across the world. Organo Gold largely deal with high-end beverages (coffees and teas) that contain Ganoderma. Ganoderma is a type of ancient Asian mushroom with wide-ranging medicinal benefits. Follow Organo Gold on

Better Options for Type A People Attempting Weight Management


It is a known fact that Type A people are organized, punctual, competitive, and sticking to the rules set by them. Due to that, they get frustrated when the standard workout programs and diets do not produce results for them.


Most of the mainstream weight management programs are designed with a one-size-fits-all structure and can appeal the masses. When Type A people try their level best by sticking to such programs and still finding no results, then the problem is with the program, not them.


It is advisable for everyone to follow the characteristics of Type A personality to convert frustrations and failures on diets and workouts to success by following three types of approach.


The all-or-nothing Attitude


Type A people usually dedicate themselves to the diet and workout plans without any exception. Even if they are celebrating their birthday or bedridden due to health issues, still they follow the diet and workout plans.


But, it can become troublesome at times and can make people feeling ultra-restricted or going overboard.


Therefore, it is advisable for people to set some flexibility in their rules to accommodate the exceptional cases.


Everyone knows that few pieces of cake do not derail the diet plan of a person. Here, people should set a mindset that diet is an outline, not a law.


Similarly, while coming to workouts, people who are feeling sick should change the workout schedule to avoid burnout. Also, people who do not get enough sleep, should reduce the workout and try to sleep better for some days a week.


Intense Workouts


Often, intense workout plans are of intimidating in nature. But, people who are Type A commit towards such plans and go for rigorous workouts as part of the weight loss program. At times, people may feel exhausted or too tired due to previous workouts. In such cases, they can take a break and reward the tiring condition of the body.


Additionally, such people should leave room for flexibility to the workout plans. In such situations, they can think of a yoga class as it may relax their body better. Also, people who do not have time to complete a 45-minute exercise at the gym without being exhausted or rushed should try to a 15-minute ab routine in their home environment to compensate it.


People should note that intense workouts do not allow them to assess themselves, at times, to understand how they feel and their body capacity. Therefore, pausing and evaluating oneself is the best option for a long-term program.


Skip Social Gatherings


People who are strictly following a weight-loss program may find going out and eating highly disturbing.


They are often worried about many things. Does the food tempt and override their plan? Do people find sarcastic with the food habits? Will the chef cook food according to their needs? While all of these questions are valid when someone is going through a diet plan, they should not allow themselves to live in a hermit. People should understand that food habits to be adapted to their individual needs.


For instance, when someone with a diet plan visits their friend at her home, they should try to eat something per their plan before starting their journey. This avoids the possibility of overeating, and people get better choices to select their food. It is similar to how Nutrisystem for men works, where people eat a portion according to their choice and compensate it with a balanced nutrition intake later.


Similarly, when people are out at a restaurant, choose food items that are present in their plan. However, they should not go too specific, such as quantity of protein, fat, or more. They can also instruct the chef mildly, like light sauce, sub vegetables, and more. Avoiding eating out altogether may make others less comfortable.


The advantages of having Type A character include feeling security in the structure and committed to the diet and workout plans. While these are the benefits, they should also leave room for flexibility in both. But, they should ensure that while allowing flexibility, they do not go completely away from the regime.


When going for workout plans, try to align with what is expected from it and how is it feeling. It is highly important to make the program successful and create desired results with the weight loss programs.


Life Line Screening Makes a Comeback in Cardiovascular Disease Management

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” these are the words of Benjamin Franklin, an American national who was full of wisdom. In echoing this statement, take the following scenario; if you own a fleet of cars, is it not common sense to have them routinely serviced? Then how much worth should you place on life? If people became more cautionary about health, then untimely deaths would be unheard of.

Life Line Screening offers preventative health care using a proactive measure such as ultrasound screening, finger-stick blood screening, limited electrocardiograph, vascular tests among others. All these help in early detection of life threatening condition long before they escalate and become fatal. The statistics of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that 7 out of the ten death are chronic disease related most of which are avoidable. Life Line Screening Services give leads to the health of a person revealing risk factors based on medical and family history, age, immunity health profile.

According to Andrew Manganaro of Life Line Screening, cardiovascular diseases should not necessarily end up fatal or causing disability. Some of these conditions, though acute, are manageable and victims of such could lead normal lives after that. The benefits are worthwhile; long quality life, less costly in the long run, impromptu treatment, and health awareness. Technology is another big asset to Life Line Screening; it has helped devise non-invasive methods of treatment and management that are convenient, comfortable and less painful.

About Life Line Screening

It is a health care company that seeks to make cardiovascular disease treatable and manageable through screening and preventative measures. Using their highly trained medical personnel, they have been able to screen over 8 million people of the vascular diseases. Using their scientific know-how, they do not shallowly conduct the physical examination but uses sound waves in assessing the health of organs and tissues.

Life Line Screening uses four operational pillars which are; healthy foods intake, body exercise, preventative screening and checking up with a doctor. They have established that age, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and genetics have a direct link with chronic diseases. Carefully though, Life Line Screening goes through scientific journals of Oxford University and the University of California to understand innovations, trend and treatment alternatives.

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