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Waiakea Water: Better than the Tap.

Founded in 2012 by CEO Ryan Emmons Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is a safe, clean and healthy alternative to tap water, or even most other bottled water.

Using a family-owned water source on the big Island of Hawaii, Emmons first had the idea of bottling the water on his uncles land at the base of Mauna Loa as a young man. After finishing college he followed through on the idea and founded Waiakea.

On Mauna Loa- the second largest volcano on Earth- it rains nearly every day. The volcano is one of the rainiest places to be found on Earth making it a perfect source of fresh water. The water itself is filtered through 14K feet of volcanic rock which naturally filters the water and removes the acidic compounds while adding minerals to the water supply.

Acidity in liquids consumed, including water, can lead to health problems. Most sodas are extremely acidic. Acidity is measured by the pH scale: The higher the number the less acidic compounds in the water. Soda usuallt comes in between 2.5 and 3.5 on this scale, making it as acidic as vinegar. Waiakea has a pH of 8.2, which is decisively non-acidic, or alkaline. Most bottled water is under 7, which is considered neutral.

Alkaline waters such as Waiakea can help with acid re-flux & other stomach acid issues by providing a neutralizing presence in the stomach. It is also easier for the body to absorb hydration from alkaline water as opposed to acidic water. Waiakea also contains more than a full days worth of silica, a compound that helps maintain cognitive function as the body ages.

Waiakea is also deeply concerned about and involved with fighting climate change. They use recycled plastic for their bottles which results in 90% less water use to produce packaging for their water than most companies. They have been certified CarbonNeutral and made it to the top of “10 Best Waters” list in 2015. They also have programs that help bring water to drought areas, participates in reforestation programs and uses only low emission companies for shipping their products.

The Benefits of Switching to Organo Gold Products

If you love coffee and want to be able to try something brand new, it is time to give Organo Gold a try for yourself. There is a reason why a lot of coffee drinkers are happily drinking up the Organo Gold brew that they are able to order online and make in their own homes. The fact that you’re going with a brand that uses sustainable products made from red mushrooms rather than coffee beans is just one reason to give them a try and see for yourself why they are so different. These red mushrooms are sustainable for the planet and far better for the earth than coffee beans. Read the reviews at

You will also find that Organo Gold products are fully organic, which means no sprays or chemicals are being used on them at all. By making the switch to this product, you’re doing something that is actually better for your body and the planet. You will also notice right off the bat that Organo Gold is a lot better for your wallet than you might have expected. A lot of people assume that these types of coffees are going to be expensive because they are more gourmet, but this simply is not the case with Organo Gold.


You can purchase Organo Gold online and have the products you buy delivered right to your front door. You will find that the Organo Gold brand comes in all different flavors and profiles. This means that you can buy the classic black brew that you are used to drinking at home or you can give cafe mocha or cafe latte a try for something brand new and delicious for your morning routine. No matter which product you choose to buy, there is nothing short of amazing coming from the Organo Gold brand and all that they have put into their line of products.

From the multitude of amazing reviews on Organo Gold online, it is apparent why this brand has been a staple for a lot of people who love drinking coffee. Now is a good time for you to give the product a try for yourself and see what the rave is all about. You may have heard about Organo Gold because of recent press releases and news on the products they offer, so it’s time to see what all of the buzz is about and see if it’s right for you. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.