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EOS is Taking Over the World

There are a lot of lip balm options on the market today. You might be wondering what makes EOS so great and why it’s gotten bigger than even Chapstick. There are plenty of reasons why the differences can help you.

What’s In EOS?

There are a lot of things that are in EOS lip balms. The biggest thing in it is Shea Butter. This is a great thing that makes your lips feel softer and look better. The Shea Butter can also heal the lips. This is also what makes EOS so different from Chapstick. Chapstick has items like wax in it that don’t heal the lips.

Why it’s so Great

There are many things in EOS that make it great to use. Besides the Shea Butter, there is a nice flavoring that is added to the lip balm. This makes it taste good as Well as give the lip balm some color and taste. When the lip balm has great flavor and have great color you can get more out of the lip balm and want to use it more than once.

There are a lot of options for lip balm, but EOS ( is a great lip balm that will work for you and your lips. You want to have great feeling lips that will not just look good, but also feel good. EOS is a great option because it has the Shea Butter in it and can make the lips soft. What are you waiting for? Get your EOS lip balm and see what the difference is for you.

EOS products are available on Target, Walmart and on many stores nationwide. Online stores Amazon and eBay also sell EOS.


Products Offered by Wen by Chaz Dean

If you want something for your hair that is still healthy for your hair but smells great, WEN hair just added Pink Jasmine Peony to their signiture scents. The new scent is a limited time product so if you like the smell of it and want to continue using it, you will want to purchase a number of them all at once so that you do not run out before they bring it back again. During certain times of the year there will be products released that are considered to be signature scents and this is just one of them they choose to use.

Did you know that Chaz also makes other items and not just items for your hair. There is a perfume that has been made as well as a body lotion. The body lotion is going to allow your skin to become hydrated without adding any grease to your body. Many of the store lotions you purchase will leave your skin feeling greasy and they usually really don’t replenish the moisture in your skin. The lotion by Chaz Dean ( however is going to leave your skin feeling new by adding orange peel oil, amino acids and even adding vitamin K to your skin. These ingredients are vital for replenishing your dry and cracked skin.

If you suffer from skin conditions, you know how hard it is to find something that can be used to help you stop itching and digging yourself. The lotion by Chaz is just one of the things you can rely on to help you get over this problem. By purchasing the lotion, you will see what healthy skin is like and you will not go back to the store bought lotions ever again. It wont take a lot of lotion for you to see what a difference it is.

If you like products that go with the seasons, the Winter Vanilla Mint is one you may want to try. You can purchase products like oil, replenishing treatments and mouse all in this same fragrance. The products will leave you smelling like a winter wonderland with the added mint which most people will associate with the Christmas season. The smell can be used all year long instead of just during the winter months. Need WEN hair care? Order online via, QVC or at guthy-renker’s beauty store.