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Ed Sheeran Appears on Game of Thrones—and the World Goes Wild

Although he was only onscreen for a few moments—and his character didn’t really have much to do besides sing—Ed Sheeran’s brief cameo on the Game of Thrones premiere managed to rule social media mentions. Behind Arya Stark, Sheeran’s character was the most talked about on the entire episode. During an unusually peaceful scene for Arya, Sheeran’s lovely singing voice can be heard as Arya rides through the forest.

Although Sheeran and his cohorts are dressed in Lannister army attire, Arya quickly responds to their request for her company. As she approaches, she mentions that she has never heard the song that Sheeran is singing. He replies that is a new song, so it makes sense that Arya never would have heard it before. After all, she has been away from King’s Landing ever since her father was publicly assassinated by Joffrey. Offering a rare moment of respite for Arya, as well as some companionship, this scene has her sharing rabbit meat and wine with the soldiers for her most hated enemy—Cersei Lannister.

When the army men ask why Arya is going back to the filth of King’s Landing, she replies that she is going to kill the queen. After an awkward second or two, the group of men bursts into laughter, assuming that she is joking. Obviously, they don’t know Arya’s true nature! Although they don’t know it, the reason they are in the area is to clean up the mess that she has created—all of the dead Freys that Arya has annihilated due to their participation in her mother’s murder. The public reaction to Sheeran’s cameo may have been mixed, but there is no doubt that Game of Thrones fans were beyond thrilled to get started on the seventh season of the award-winning program.

“Game of Thrones” Creators Reveal New “Coinfederate” TV Show

The latest season of “Game of Thrones” has only now reached our screens with season seven thought to be penultimate in the run of what is often described as the biggest TV show in the world. With only a few episodes in the final season eight needing to be filmed the thoughts of fans and industry insiders have now turned to what the stars, writers, and creators of “Game of Thrones” will do next; in the case of showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss the answer has already been revealed as the writers have been given the green light from HBO to develop their long rumored “Confederate” series, according to the BBC.

Season seven of “Game of Thrones” began with a fanfare of critical and fan acclaim and continued to occupy much of the media coverage for HBO, but the details of the new show from the award-winning creators of the show will not feature a fantastical world in the same sense as the mythical world of “Westeros”. The premise for “Confederate” revolves around an alternate history of the U.S. where the southern Confederate states of the U.S. Civil War break free of the north and retained a culture of slavery.

Deadline reports the idea for “Confederate” has been on the books of Benioff and Weiss for a number of years as they have discussed the options open to them in terms of feature films and television shows. Eventually, the creative freedom allowed by the U.S. cable network HBO proved enough to tempt the “Game of Thrones” creators to remain with the channel to create another imagined universe; alternative history shows have moved front and center in recent years with Amazon’s “The Man in High Castle” and the BBC drama “SS-GB” have all followed the alt-history route to popularity.