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Fortress investment group achieves great success in the US

Fortress Investment Group is an investment company that is based in America, but it is known across the world. Since it began in 1998, it has expanded rapidly and continues to grow due to some factors such as ethical leadership from able leaders. Today it has successfully set up satellite countries in various countries in the global arena. Also, it is seen as one of the best firms in the world when it comes to investment. Its revenues yearly reach billions of money. Today it manages $70 billion worth of assets, and because good leaders lead it continues to grow and expand. Fortress Investment Group is a provider of various investment products. Some of the products include credit funds, private equity, alternative assets and hedge funds among others.

Today it is a private firm and traded publicly. It began the first company to be listed in 20017 in NASDAQ. The founders of the company are some of the best financial professionals of their time. They include Rob Kauffmann, Randal Nardone, and Wes Edens. They have worked together to see the company grow to its current size. The current CEO of Fortress Investment Group is known as Wes Edens and is among the people who founded the company. Wes Edens is a financial expert who succeeded in the field, and he is the one who helped the company when they were deciding to go public in 2007.

They could not regret the decision because it was successful. He has held various positions in the firm though he was one of the founders. He served as the first CEO of the company. His career began when he partnered with Lehman Brothers and later got a deal with Black Rock. Since then he has undertaken many ventures including Fortress Investment Company.Wes Edens does not work for Fortress Investment Group only because he is also an investor who has invested in other avenues. He invests where he can see there is good potential to achieve success. Fortress Investment Company will continue to succeed because the right individuals lead it. With people like Wes Edens, the company will achieve great success.

Highland Capital Management Makes a Philanthropic $10 Million Donation

Highland Capital Management, a global financial firm, makes the news with its continued support of the George W. Bush Presidential Center. Highland Capital gifted an endowment of $10 million that goes toward helping sustain public programs the Center sponsors. Lecturers, people who make news, authors, and notable thought leaders are all soured to attend.

Highland Capital was an early supporter of the George W. Bush Presidential Center, and is instrumental in helping the Center arrive at where it is today. Its major gift will help the Center to continue its mission. The Bush Center has national influence, and is a major impact in its own community. Read more about Highland Capital at

Highland Capital Management is an investment firm with global reach. The company pioneered the leverage loan market and has built its reputation over a 25-year period. It has also been able to branch into other asset classes with an approach to business that bases operations on value to the customer. As such, its present portfolio is quite diverse and serves retail and institutional investors across the world.

Highly Capital’s investment portfolio includes real estate, public equities, structured credit, private equity, and investments that special teams handle. The firm’s headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. Highland Capital also operates offices in Buenos Aires, New York, Singapore, Seoul, and Sao Paulo. Visit to know more.

Companies like Highland Capital distinguish themselves by investing back into their communities and supporting worthy causes. Giving satisfies a deep human need that helps those who give along with those who receive. Avenues to happiness and meaning open on both sides of the act of giving and receiving. The joy of giving has been quite often captured in literature across the ages.

Highland Capital will likely continue to make in impact in the word of global finance. The company actively pursues investments in Brazil that deal with corporate debt. This is part of the company’s strategy to do business with emerging markets.