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How Lime Crime Got Ahead In China

Expanding overseas can be a challenging process. New markets and consumers may have a totally different set of preferences than what a product or service is used to handling. Lime Crime experienced several challenges when expanding into Chinese markets. Nevertheless, they persevered and have crafted some effective methods along the way.

Lime Crime is a vegan cosmetic brand that previously was not represented in Chinese markets. They were interested in shipping to the Asian giant, but faced numerous challenges right from the start. For one, China mandates that all their makeup products be tested on animals before public usage. The only way to get around this would be to ship from the United States directly. Since Lime Crime is vegan and contains all natural ingredients, they do not complete testing on animals nor agree with the techniques for these types of trials. Fortunately, they were able to circumvent the law by shipping from the US.

Another problem they had to address was related to awareness of their products in Chinese markets. Since there were numerous counterfeit operations, it was difficult for Chinese people to know what was authentic. The knock-offs persisted, but Lime Crime developed a steadfast strategy to combat these imitations.

The solution was simple. They decided to partner with the brand Revolve. The L.A. based fashion ecommerce company was interested in branching out and including beauty related products. This was the perfect opportunity for Lime Crime to join forces with another notable American brand.

On the Revolve website, Lime Crime positioned themselves as exclusively carried. This helped build awareness in China about where to buy the official Lime Crime products. It also spread a message to avoid the fakes or imitations that would be purchased outside of the Revolve.

By working with other brands and cultivating a unique image of themselves, Lime Crime was able to develop a good amount of support for their products even before visiting China. Not only could Lime Crime overcome the challenges of entering the Chinese market, but they have paved the way for future endeavors by working with Revolve at the same time.