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Event Planning and 23 Layers Professional Event Planning

There are many ways to keep party planning simple and even enjoyable if you are in NYC. You can throw the party yourself or use event planning companies in NYC. Always remember that it doesn’t need to be stressful. You can over complicate a party and become stressed out or you can keep the details simple and enjoy the process. Pick a theme for your party to spice up the event a bit. By choosing a theme early it will set the tone for the rest of the praty planning. It is best to plan early and always be updating your lists with information that is important such as food allergies or other dietary restrictions. Keeping seperate lists will help you remain organized. Have a grocery list seperate for a decor shopping list. Make sure to note any food restrictions at the bottom of the grocery list, this will keep you on track while shopping. Guest lists should also remain updated so that you know how many people you will need seeting and food for.


If you plan on serving alcoholic beverages at your party there are a few things you can do to simplify the bar experience. Serve a signature drink that is readily available to guests or provide a self service bar in addition to beer and wine. By putting out 3 or 4 alcohol selections along with their mixers, guests can be in charge of their own cocktails.


If you are in New York City and need to find any corporate event planners in NYC, 23 layers features many services. Those who are needing professional event planning can rest assured that 23 layers will make their special occassion run smoothly. 23 layers provides venue selection, catering, floral design, entertainment, photography, lighting, branding, production, fabrication, custom printing, styling and even workshops. 23 Layers in a full service event planning firm. They can provide elegant nights out, weddings and corporate events. Your event will run smoothly due to the relationships 23 layers has with highly sought after vendors.

What To Know Before Hiring A Planner For Your Next Event

The event planning industry is worth over $3 billion, proving that millions of Americans are happy to pay someone to take some of the stress out of holding an event. The right event planner can transform your dream into a successful event while handling all the major components and small details.


Before you start calling the numbers of all the event planning companies NYC has to offer, follow these steps first.



Get a Rough Idea of Your Budget


You don’t have to determine an exact budget just yet. However, it is important to have a general idea of how much you can allocate to different components of your future event. Once you have determined an estimated budget, your event planner will be able to work with you to make your dreams come to life.



Figure Out What Kind of Service You Need


Some people may only require a day-of coordinator, while others may want an event planning company that provides every service possible. Companies like 23 Layers in New York City off full-service event planning. Whether your event is for 10 people or 500, 23 Layers offers every service you could possibly need from live entertainment to room decor and seat planning.



Do the Research


It’s important to do as much research as possible when considering event planners NYC has to offer. Ask around at local catering halls to see if workers can provide recommendations based on past events. Also, use the internet as a resource by looking up reviews and event planners’ social media pages.



Pick Three


Narrow your choices down to three event planners who you think can do the job well. Interview each one and don’t be afraid to ask tough questions. This will help determine which candidate fits your vision best.





When it comes to events, everything is negotiable. Due to the high mark-ups that event services are accustomed to charging, most will give you some room to negotiate prices down.





If you’re planning an event in the near future, follow these steps to ensure that you hire the event planner who is right for the job.

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Twenty Three Layers: For World Class, Hustle-Free Event Planning Services

Event planning doesn’t have to be challenging and nerve breaking. You can hire a professional event planner to do the hustles on your behalf as you focus on your core business. Perhaps the only task you need to undertake is to choose the right outside event planner.


There are numerous event planning companies in NYC that you can pick from. The following tips will help you screen and identify the best event planner:


Write Down your event objective


Many people will skip this critical step and run to budget-related issues. The truth is, the primary object of holding an event will tell you so much about what to look out for, and whether to throw in a huge budget or not.

Source a qualified event planner


Whether you’re organizing a birthday party, breakfast business meeting, weekend retreat, or anniversary celebration, you need a qualified professional to help with the plan. Word of mouth recommendations may not be useful criteria for sourcing a qualified event planner.


The best approach would be to source for someone experienced and has built a strong reputation within the industry. That can only come from professional event planning affiliates and the hotel industry. The local chambers of commerce and hotel industries have the detailed list of event planners with excellent reputations. You can also check with the visitors’ bureau at your local convention.



Ask for references on the event planner


It’s not sufficient to rely on your own judgment and advice from friends and family. Source for references from the previous clients the event planner has served. Ask about the events, the locations, and the levels of success. Go to their websites and read about customer reviews and dig dipper into their business ethics.



Check their Total Budget


Event planners should present their complete quotations disclosing what their fees cover. Prices may vary from one organizer to another. You also need to know about their billing methodology. Do they charge per hour? Or, are they charging percentages or commissions on the total cost of the event? Finally, you can negotiate final terms and sign a written contract.


Twenty Three Layers Event Planners


Twenty Three Layers is a full-service firm engaging in event planning and design. This event company is located in New York City and offers creative solutions to your event planning needs. Whether you are planning for a stylish corporate seminar or personal celebrations, the firm provides impressive services with exquisite details.


The company boasts of numerous top class events they have pulled for renowned businesses and individuals across NY and beyond. Their experience in executing memorable events accompanied with the best dining trends, entertainment, and décor, is unparalleled.

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