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Graeme Holm – article recap

One of Australia’s largest and fastest growing money management and debt reduction services is, the Infinity Group Australia. Graeme Holm founded the group in 2013 with customers in mind. He wanted to improve the financial security of everyday Australians. After earning his MBA, Graeme spent almost a decade in the Big Four banking world.


Becoming frustrated with the way families were being treated, Graeme and his partner Rebecca Walker, started the Infinity Group Australia. Together they felt that they could do a better job at giving families financial help. Graeme found that there was a lack of support for families to get their loans paid off and get them out of debt.


The Infinity Group was founded to give ongoing support, guidance and advice to families along the path of paying off their loans. Clients are given help in budgeting their finances, monthly reports on performance, and detailed reviews to ensure they succeed in paying off their loans. The changing approach to paying off loans has helped clients to pay off more in their first 3 months, so they see the savings within their first 12 months of their loan.


Graeme and Rebecca aimed to change the idea of clients making just minimum loan repayments. With the right guidance and support, clients are paying off 30-year mortgages in 7-10 years. Clients are given a weekly cash budget, and all forms of income are going into a special loan account. This strategy keeps clients from falling victim to buying that new gadget or that high priced pair of shoes. If clients stick to the weekly cash budget and pay the extra on their loans each month, they see the results of paying off their 30-year mortgage at a record pace.


Graeme believes that an early start to the day is essential. He personally starts with 30 minutes of physical exercise, followed by 30 minutes of brain exercise. Reading a book for 30 minutes each morning, gets your mind alert and ready for the business day. Being physically and mentally ready for your day, breeds a successful business.


Graeme Holm makes sure that each night he plans his next day. He feels that by planning his day ahead of time, he will be able to tackle his biggest problem first thing in the morning and feel confident about the rest of his day. Holm gives good advice to new entrepreneurs. He says that if you give good advice that is of value to clients for free, they may later be paying you for all your advice. Learn more:

Graeme Holm and The Relentlessly Passionate Desire to Help Australians Become Financially Fit

There are countless, if not an infinity, of factors, concepts and practical knowledge that affect the reliability of an asset or investment broker. For one, the current assets of the broker should set as an example for the clients they’re handling. Their ability to understand debt service, depreciation of assets and how to sustain the retained earnings of the assets they’ve earned should be respectable. While many of these investment brokers have set up shop in Australia, it’s hard to ignore the outstanding level of performance of Infinity Group Australia.

In an article from Mortgage Professional Australia, it is evident that the marketable attributes of Infinity Group Australia are indeed attractive. For one, the company is being run by Graeme Holm, who has been acknowledged as a masterful broker who’s part of the MPA Top 100 Broker list, as well as the Director of NSW brokerage Infinity Group Australia. Being able to earn such position is hard enough, but what makes it harder is the fact that Holm is constantly challenged by market fluctuations and changes in investment demands of each client his company handles.

It is also in the article that people realize how Infinity Group Australia is able to home in on the best solutions that their clients need. The first strategy to do this, as described by Holm, is that he lets his fact-finding committee to investigate the household expenses, needs and wants of the family or their client. To make the family or client financially fit, Holm creatively uses the ideas in personal training to help the clients get in financial shape. Infinity Group also counts in the different cash-based budget, weekly expenses, even groceries, and travel expenses into account. In this way, the family gets the complete idea of what should be done and should not be done to improve their finances.

Holm is also dedicated to making sure that the clients understand the value of each dollar. Saving each dollar is no joke. It’s not a superfluous activity, and Holm wants to inculcate this kind of attitude in engaging with his clients using the platforms of Infinity Group.

About Graeme Holm

The first thing people may know about Graeme Holm is the fact that he’s been in the financial service industry for about 17 years already. These years are testament to his painstakingly passionate dedication for helping people be financially fit as well as the joy and fulfillment he gets in doing so.

Whether it’s financial planning, real estate and any type of finance guide, Graeme Holm is the man who can best assist anyone. One of the pertinent attributes of the financial strategies that Holm offers his clients is the concept of helping Australians get rid of the “Paycheck to Paycheck” lifestyle, which is a common problem in the Australian Loan market.

Holm’s drive to help others be financially fit is also the fuel for him to start his own company, Infinity Group Australia Pty Ltd., whose aim is to help Australians understand the roots and benefits of their financial affairs. Learn more about Graeme Holm: