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Dr. Octagon is Back After 14 Years

After 14 years, Dr. Octagon is back. Dr. Octagon, the alter ego/persona of rapper Kool Keith has released the first track from his new album. The entire album, titled ‘Moosebumps: An Exploration into Modern Day Horripilation’, will be released on April 6th.

The released track, ‘Octagon Octagon’ fittingly opens with a series of headlines trumpeting Dr. Octagon’s return, after which Kool Keith details a list of Dr. Octagon’s various surreal branding concepts, spanning from cosmetic surgery to draperies to household pets. It’s a return to the familiar absurdist style the Dr. Octagon character was known for when Kool Keith introduced him more than two decades previous.

The new album features a collaboration between Kool Keith and his former partners DJ Qbert and Dan the Automator, the team responsible for his 1996 album ‘Dr. Octagonecologyst’. The 1996 album was mostly recorded over a 24 hour period, though this new one likely took a little longer to create.

Kool Keith put out another Dr. Octagon album in 2002, though its released ended up being delayed for a couple of years by legal issues, finally coming out in 2004. That was the last album created by the Dr. Octagon persona, though not the last Kool Keith created between then and now.

This new album follows a period of increased prominence for the Dr. Octagon character over the past year. First, Kool Keith reissued the original ‘Dr. Octagonecologyst’ album on vinyl, featuring a handful of previously unreleased tracks. Additionally, Kool Keith, DJ Qbert and Dan the Automator joined up to perform the first live shows Dr. Octagon had ever performed.

In the 21 years since the release of his first Dr. Octagon album and the resurgence of the character, Kool Keith has released 14 albums not counting this newest one, many under a variety of other personas and characters. The veteran Bronx-based rapper is known for a complex internal rhyme scheme and surreal and bizarre lyrics.