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Jobs and Careers in Cancer Treatment

There are a wide variety of jobs at Cancer Treatment Centres of America(CTCA). These facilities have been working for many years to find an effective cure for cancer. It has devised different ways of ensuring a healthy living for personalized cancer patients. The facility develops an integrated treatment that is effective and right for any cancer patient. Other services such as safer and more effective radiotherapies are provided to alleviate pain. The Cancer Treatment Centres are spread out in most parts of the States and have been fully accredited by the Full Standards Compliance from the Joint Commission. As a result, many people are nowadays pursuing their careers in cancer centers because of the several jobs that it has created.


All cancer treatment centers require the services of caregivers.Caregivers perform many important roles in such centers. They are tasked with cleanliness in the facilities, washing clothes for the weak cancer patients, feeding them and also general exercises. Many people have been employed in cancer centers as caregivers to provide these essential services.


Cancer treatment centers have also employed many professional nurses. Nurses give medical attention and medical care to cancer patients. Nurses are also responsible for close checking of the cancer patients and their progress, and they are the ones who make a detailed report about their status before submitting it to the doctors in charge.


Many oncologists are making a living from the cancer treatment centers. Oncologists perform many critical tasks that are aimed for the betterment of the conditions of cancer patients in hospitals. They assess and monitor the patient’s physical and emotional status, keep track of laboratory history, administer medication and also help in translating the complex medical terms to the cancer patients. Many job opportunities have been created for oncologists in cancer centers.


Professional managers run all the activities that take place in cancer treatment facilities. Managers are the overall decision makers in the facilities and are responsible for the daily smooth running in the institution. Many managers have been employed in cancer centers across the country.

 Naturopathic Physician

Naturopathic physicians employ the use of natural and nontoxic therapies in the approach and maintenance of cancer patients. These therapies are aimed at curing the whole person and also encouraging the self-healing process. Naturopathic physicians play important roles in cancer centers. They offer therapies aimed at supporting normal metabolism and good digestion during cancer treatment. They have been employed to provide an alternative therapy for the cancer patients. Many naturopath physicians are pursuing their careers in cancer centers.

The Cosmetic Perfection of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Are you interested in cosmetic surgery? Have you ever heard of Dr. Jennifer Walden? If you haven’t heard of this woman then, just know that this woman is one of the most interesting figures in cosmetic surgery. The Austin-native grew-up in the Northwest Hills section of the city, and she was an all-state soccer player while in high school. Anderson High School was her stomping grounds, but she would soon take her talents to the University of Texas. During this time, Walden earned a B.A. in Biology as well as graduated with honors. Her next stop was at the University of Texas Medical Branch. She was elected to be the president of the Texas Alpha Chapter of Alpha Omega Honor Medical Society, and she participated in an externship for Plastic Surgery Associates in Miami.

Walden’s practice, Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center, is one of the most exclusive medical facilities in the Southeast. This place is very advanced, and it uses some of the most innovative-technological equipment. Laser-hair removal, breast augmentation, Botox injections, chemical peel, facelift, breast reduction, lip enhancement, laser-tattoo removal, cheek implants, nose jobs and many more services are being provided on a consistent basis. Walden attained her fellowship from New York’s Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. This exceptional woman was also mentored by the prominent Dr. Sherrell Aston. What more could one ever ask for? This Texas-beauty just so happens to be the mother of twin sons.

When it comes to mainstream society, she has taken her talents to the airwaves. Walden has provided medical commentary for ABC News, for Fox News and for other news networks. She has also participated in “Dr. 90210” television show as well as participated in numerous clinical trials for reintroducing silicone-breast implants. All in all, this only scratches the surface of just how popular and how powerful Dr. Jennifer Walden truly is.

Dr. Mark McKenna: Husband, Father, Entrepreneur and Committed Community Servant

Tulane Medical School graduate Dr. Mark McKenna is licensed to practice medicine and perform surgery in both Georgia and Florida. He is also a very successful entrepreneur. He has grown the boutique real estate development firm McKenna Venture Investments to include Uptown Title Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending. At its height, the companies offered financing, turnkey design-build, as well as real estate closing services. His company employed more than 50 people. Then in 2005, Hurricane Katrina wrecked New Orleans and with it Dr. McKenna’s real estate company.

But Dr. Mark McKenna has deep roots in New Orleans. He was born there and had practiced medicine there with his father after completing medical school. He was on both the New Orleans Industrial Development Board and the New Orleans Jazz Festival’s board. A dedicated community servant, Dr. McKenna worked to help rebuild the city. He constructed affordable housing for low and middle income people to help get New Orleans residents back on their feet and help re-energize the city. Then in 2007, the passionate patient advocate moved to Atlanta, Georgia and started the wellness and aesthetics medical practice ShapeMed.

The company prospered and Life Time Fitness bought it in 2014. Dr. Mark McKenna was national medical director for at Life Time Fitness for two years before leaving to become the founder and CEO of a new company called OVME. His new business is a technology enabled medical aesthetics company through which he plans to reinvent elective healthcare. His 10 years involved with medical aesthetics helped him identify the need for this new company. And the Entrepreneurs Organization member is always looking for a new challenge, so he started OVME.

Now a husband and father, as well as the owner of a new business, Dr. Mark McKenna has a hectic schedule. But he always joins Milana his daughter each morning for breakfast and has a meal with Gianine, his wife, each evening. He also makes time to read, meditate, do creative visualization and practice martial arts. All those things provide him with the balance he needs to be successful and enjoy his life.