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Author David Faris Releases Widely Anticipated Second Book

In the wildly oversaturated field of political commentary there is no shortage of hot takes and clickbait titles, so when an author releases a well planned and thoughtful piece of political commentary it is worth celebrating. On April 10th, author David Faris is releasing his second book It’s Time To Fight Dirty which promises to be a refreshing breath of air in a political sphere that, to say the least, has been marred with polarization.

This is the second book from David Faris, a political science professor who resides in Chicago and teaches at social justice institution Roosevelt University (as well as serving as Chair of the Political Science Department) is going on sale through respected publisher Melville Publishing. Faris first book Dissent and Revolution in a Digital Age: Social Media, Blogging and Activism in Egypt was positively received by scholars of the Middle East region and this turn to American politics promises to showcase the diversity of Faris writing style. The pivot to focusing on American politics for Faris is a relatively new phenomena, as he outlines in his “Behind The Book” series for Melville Publishing, but he has routinely been putting out articles for respected progressive websites such as The Week.

While the release of the book marks just the beginning of the journey for Faris and his publishing team April 10th is a day of excitement about the things to come. Book reviews have been rolling in and they have been wildly positive thus far including Taegan Goddard of the Political Wire featuring the book in one of her columns. The new beginning in American politics is a welcome one for Faris in an era that so desperately needs his wit and humor as well as his insightful takes on how the country can begin to move forward. Keep an eye out for the book at your local stores, and don’t be surprised if you see a review in your favorite newspaper or website soon!